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In case you are charged with the charge of driving while intoxicated commonly known as DWI, you should not sit down and wait to see your rights violated. Whether or not it is true you are guilty of the charge, you should always strive to make sure that the law is followed to the later so that you can get a fair judgment. However, this is not possible on your own, you need an experienced attorney, who will help follow up on your case.

We here at Butler Law Firm have over the years helped thousands of clients get a fair trial when charged with driving while intoxicated. We have one of the best attorneys, who work around the clock to ensure that the judgment leans on your side. All you need is to give us a call via our contacts which are (713) 236-8744 or email us, and we will give you a free consultation.

DWI Experts In Fields Store, Texas

It goes without saying that we here at Butler Law Firm are the leading driving while intoxicated law firm in Houston and the surrounding areas. However, this has not been given to us on a silver platter, we have worked our way through the ranks to be where we are. Our success rate of the cases that we have been involved in has increased over the years. This has in turn been caused by the quality of attorneys that we have.

In addition, we specialize in driving while intoxicated charges only, which means that anything that concerns DWI, you can be well assured that we will deliver. With our main aim here at Butler Law Firm being customer satisfaction, our goal is to always give our clients a smile on their faces, after seeing the results of the work that we have done. Therefore do not waste any more time, contact us and let us help you avoid ruthless fines.

Our Experience

Additionally, whenever you are choosing your attorney, it is very important to look at their experience, as that is what separates the amateurs from the real deal in the sector. We here at Butler Law Firm have been in operation for over 24 years, waking up daily to serve our clients and represent them in court so that they can have lesser punishment or no punishment at all. This has helped us to keep the driving while intoxicated laws, and rights of the charged in our fingertips.

There is no driving while intoxicated case no matter how complex it might be that we cannot be able to solve. Choosing us is the best path to your freedom, therefore do not waste any more time, give us a call right away.  

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