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Driving while intoxicated charges can play games with your head, especially in the case, it is your first time. Nonetheless, this should not be the case as you are guilty until proven guilty. It is therefore advisable to seek the services of a highly qualified and experienced attorney, in order to help you wade through the murky waters.

Here at The Butler Law Firm, we are the number one law firm that specializes in driving while intoxicated charges in the country. We take great pride in helping hundreds of thousands of our clients be acquitted of their driving while intoxicated charges. Therefore, whenever you choose us to be your DWI attorneys, you increase your chances of acquittal. Contact us today by dialing (713) 236-8744 and get a free consultation, as we responsively look into your case in earnest. 

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Driving while intoxicated charges are very serious, as they may make you be incarcerated for a few months or years, lose your driver’s license, or be asked to pay fines. That is why here at The Butler Law Firm, we do all that is within our powers to ensure that you are acquitted of the charges of your punishment is lessened.

Once you give us a call to be your attorney, we take time to listen to the circumstances that led to your charge. We then use our expertise to prepare an airtight defense, which we present in court on your behalf. 

DWI Experts

It is important to note that different attorneys specialize in different cases. Here at The Butler Law Firm, we specialize in driving while intoxicated charges, as we understand that many innocent people are punished for the charge.

However, we do not condone drunk driving, but we believe that everyone deserves a chance for a fair trial. In addition, we have a high level of experience in dealing with DWI charges, which underlines our expertise and experience in the field. We are the best shot for your driving while intoxicated charges, as there is no DWI ditch that we cannot remove you from.

Why You Need To Choose Us

Owing to the many law firms in the country, you might be wondering why you need to choose us to be your DWI attorneys. Nonetheless, we are not your ordinary law firm we have over 24 years of experience in dealing with DWI charges.

In addition, we work with the crème Del a crèmes of driving while intoxicated attorneys in the country, led by Jim Butler. On the same wavelength, the number of cases that we have recorded acquittals is staggering. We are therefore the best legal representation that you can get for your DWI charge in the country. 

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you are confronted with DWI charges.