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Are You Facing a DWI Charge and Know not How to Get Legal Help?

Your license could be revoked or suspended indefinitely, loss of income/employment, disruption of family life, or even and more drastic get incarcerated. You do not want any of these happening to you, and yet this will definitely happen should you be charged with DWI and neglect to seek legal aid.

Jim Butler has vast experience getting successful outcomes for clients in what at first seemed a hopeless situation. Getting charged with DWI does not lead to an automatic conviction, but only if you get legal intervention in time. The first step is in your hands, call the Butler Law Firm now, and leave the rest to Jim Butler!

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Butler Law Firm is the only reputable legal refuge for DWI offenders with the necessary experience and expertise to secure favorable outcomes. Besides being a highly competent legal practitioner, Jim Butler is also a recognized Field Sobriety Tester with valuable expertise in DWI evaluation procedures. This comes in quite handy and useful while defending DWI clients as he can technically interrogate the evaluation process if the same was flouted leading to a wrongful arrest.

For 24 years, the Butler Law Firm under Jim Butler has offered this specialized legal service to drivers in Houston with an impressive record of successful outcomes. However, even before arguing the technical merits of the case, Jim Butler stresses the importance of early start to the defense process. Any delay beyond the timelines allowed by law for this type of case is a great disadvantage to the defendant with very serious consequences.

Avoid the Consequences of a DWI Conviction!

A conviction for DWI charge can radically affect a person’s life adversely. It is an outcome one does not wish to go through or have their loved ones suffer its consequences. As such, should the unfortunate happen and you face DWI charges, save yourself and your family unnecessary agony and contact the Butler Law Firm immediately for advice and legal help?

You could lose your job if convicted and committed to jail or your license revoked for those earning their living as drivers. There is the inconvenience of losing the use of your car with a suspended or revoked license and having to trouble others to drive you to your errands. The Butler Law Firm can get you out of this sticky situation if you make the effort to call for a free consultation from Jim Butler himself.

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