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The main objective of DWI lawyer is to defend you against DWI charges. Jim Butler is a DWI professional lawyer based in Houston. He started Butler Law Firm to help serve those who need to be defended against DWI charges. These charges are applied if you are caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. The charges applicable rules against driving while intoxicated. Driving while drunk may have numerous adverse effects since one may cause accidents and other irregularities. 

If you are charged with DWI, means you are now required to involve in a hearing process till the final decision is made. This leads to wastage of time, money and resources, it may also affect the well-being of a family. When a driver is charged with DWI, he/she is required to attend the hearing of the lawsuit proceedings and answering the required questions. This may cause anxiety and stress since you are not aware of what to expect at the end of the event. 

With the help of a DWI lawyer, he will brief you on different requirements and steps that are outlined by the charges. If you are charged with DWI and failure to respond within 40 days, this will make your drivers’ license get revoked. You may also lose your job if you are jailed for a few years. You may also lose money if you are required to pay cash bail for your release or penalty for driving while drunk. You may also incur more costs which can be used to finance transport from your home to the court. This will lead to the rise of misunderstanding in the family since they will see useful money getting wasted. When your family starts having difficulties raising money for different tasks, you will start having arguments with your family. 

Jim Butler has gained vast experience for many years thus will be able to offer outstanding services. Here is his telephone number that you can use to contact him (713) 236-8744. He mainly specializes in DWI cases thus he will be able to offer the right help. He is an outstanding and professional licensed attorney. Jim Butler does not necessarily mean it is good to drive while drunk but he knows there are innocent drivers who charged for no reason. Jim Butler will defend those who are wrongly and forcefully charged and for those that are guilty to get a better judgment. 

In case you undergo a hearing alone, there may a lot of pressure put on you where the officials might also tend to harass and violate your human rights. However, with Jim Butler, all your rights will be respected and will help reduce much pressure that is applied to you.

Contact Jim Butler today and get your DWI offense defended successfully.