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The common understanding by the average driver of a DWI charge is that it be established through breath or blood test. However, this is just one of the many reasons under the law by which a police officer can charge a driver. If in the police officer’s observation and considered opinion, a driver is driving in a manner displaying impairment in control it’s probable he/she will be booked for DWI. For the driver to argue to the contrary and attribute their erratic driving at the time of booking to some reason other than DUI, an expert lawyer is necessary. Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm will know how to handle these complexities in the DWI law not so obvious to the driver.

Jim Butler specializes in the traffic law and strictly deals with DWI cases at his Butler Law Firm and over the years has gained a wealth of invaluable experience and intimate knowledge in this law to successfully help his clients. He understands the technicalities involved in the prosecution and evidence collection and preservation rules so that he may interrogate if due process was followed.

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As a driver who cares for your welfare, do not take a DWI charge casually. The moment you are booked to act immediately by seeking legal advice and help. This one decision could make a very big difference in your life and save you untold agony and even penury. In Huntsville, there is only one lawyer to call, Jim Butler of Butler Law Firm. Jim Butler specializes in and deals with DWI cases only and as such will have time and focused attention for you. He has experience and expertise in this area that you will not find in any other law firm and he is ready to take up your case. Be safe, call Jim Butler right away and let him take care of you.

Do not take chances with your life and freedom. Do not compromise the security and comfort of your loved ones. If you find yourself facing what in your mind is an unfair DWI charge, do not hesitate, call Jim Butler immediately for a free consultation, and get to discuss the particulars of your case. Butler Law Firm handles no other business except cases like yours fighting to protect your rights under the law. We are at your service and only a phone call away!

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