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Just because it is drunk driving-related offense does not mean you do not need legal representation or unworthy of legal help. Like any other citizen, you deserve legal help with your DWI charge to get justice. Not many law firms take this on cases and in fact, Butler Law Firm is the only such firm in Houston strictly handling DWI cases and no other. Because of this exclusive service, the firm has gained an edge in the litigation of DWI cases and the founder Jim Butler who is also the lead attorney is widely experienced in this law. This means that at Butler Law Firm, they take cases to win assuring the client of a good outcome.

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Attorney Jim Butler has been at law for 24 years, and in all that time, he has restricted himself to DWI cases and the mastering of the related law. This does not mean he supports drunk driving or that he encourages deliberate DUI with a promise of circumventing the law for culprits. To the contrary, Jim Butler and Butler Law Firm promote safe and sober driving on our roads and, will in fact decline a case if in his view the driver was culpable of the offense. His focus is on those drivers wrongly arrested because the police officer may have made a poor evaluation of their state at the time of the alleged offense. 

Whatever the case, once DWI charges have been preferred against you, it is vitally important that you contact a competent lawyer for further advice. Jim Butler is that lawyer with a long career record spanning 24 years strictly dedicated to DWI cases and as such the only one competent enough in Houston to get you out of a possible jail term.

At Butler Law Firm, you will be taken gradually through the legal process and its probable outcome before moving to court. However, make sure you contact the law firm in good time within the legal timelines provided and especially within 15 days of the DWI charge. Any unnecessary delay causes more damage to your case and leads to a longer process than would have been otherwise necessary. Avoid losing a good case on simple technicalities and call Jim Butler as early as you are charged to stand a better chance at success. Butler Law Firm has accumulated enough reference material on legal authorities to cover any aspect of DWI cases. Come to us with confidence – call Jim Butler now!

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