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Butler Law Firm is a fully invested law company that deals with DWI cases. Are you in a load of trouble and very stressed out on what you will do? Is this because you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence? Jim Butler is a qualified attorney that has been doing his cases for a period of twenty-four years. This guarantees that all the clients are in safe hands and always protected. The whole income of the client can be put in danger especially when he or she loses the job. Some can also face mental meltdowns in the long run. Do not get us wrong because we do not promote drinking under the influence. What we do is just prevent needless convictions that are done wrongly. This is the reason why Jim Butler is a dedicated lawyer.

Please call (713)236-8744 to get a consultation and the best thing is that you do not incur any costs at all.

This offense is serious and one must always be aware of the repercussions. Clients must always be ready to seek a Houston lawyer who will at least reduce the charges. Driving Under the Influence can cause serious issues for anyone such as;

  • Jail term. This is probably the worst outcome because one has to do time. This can cause a lot of upset for the individuals and the family in general.
  • Job loss. Losing employment can come as a result of misconduct or crude relations. This means that one’s source of income is lost.
  • Family fights. Embarrassing situations and strains in the relationship can lead to new problems among people.
  • Loss of driving license. One might lose the freedom to drive in case the licenses are revoked or terminated.

The charge is just the first thing for a whole long process. Law is a complicated issue with many outcomes such as small things such as fines to dire ones to convictions. The other ones could be the loss of licenses and other technical issues. These consequences are however not immediate giving Jim Butler who has been in the works for twenty-four years.

Butler has the experience of making him the best chance for one to be free. There is no room for thinking twice when it comes to this sensitive issue. Jim Butler is always ready to help in protecting your rights making you successful in the process. Call Jim Butler today to get the consultation you need.

DWI could not only affect your life, but also that of your family and work. Loss of the driving privilege means transport costs have to increase during work trips, errands, shopping, and other activities in the family. The suspension is just done forty days after the charge so you must act fast to be protected.

The proud owner of this Houston based criminal law office, Mr. Butler, will make sure all your rights are not overlooked. The best solution will be given and the best thing is that the consultation is absolutely free.

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