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Clearing your Driving While Intoxicated charges.

Jim Butler is a Houston DUI lawyer that focuses solely on cases to do with drunk driving. Is this situation causes you a ton of issues wherever you go? This might be at your work or even just at home. Mr. Butler has been working cases for twenty-four years and has continued to do a mighty fine job at it. The people might end up losing their jobs which leads to financial strains and might also cause emotional stress to them. Our firm does not allow or justify driving while being under the influence but simply tries to find solutions for stopping arrests that are not required.

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The results for drunk driving are very adverse and need proper attention for them to be handled well. Any person with the offense needs to avoid ignorance and get all the necessary details to clear out the situation. Some of the consequences include:

  • Incarceration. People can be sent to prison for a long period of time because of the danger they pose while driving under the influence.
  • Employment Termination. Many companies do not want to be associated with having a person with law issues. They might even opt to fire the person in the long run.
  • Family issues. The stress and increased strains might lead to quarrels among the member of the family.
  • Loss of driving license. One might lose the right to drive the car after the first infringement. This means that he or she must find other modes of transportation to get around.

Having been in the business for twenty-four years, Jim Butler has enough experience to get around most tough cases. Simply call or email his law firm to start the journey. The charging is just the first part of a very long battle. The law is complicated and can go from simply fines, loss of the license to adverse effects such as Incarceration. Jim is a very experienced lawyer who would be there to help in all the issues.

Butler can ensure that the rights of the clients are always protected all through the process. Those charged have the best chance to go through successful only if they use the help of Jim Butler. In the long run, DWI could affect the individual and the family by increasing transport costs. This could be for work, errands and other family issues. The suspension takes effect just after forty years of the charge. This means that the client has to do what is needed as soon as possible.

The Houston based criminal law office by Mr. Butler is always ready to help out those with DUI cases and will do it well. Simply contact us today so that we can clear out all your issues. 

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