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In case you have been slapped with a DWI charge and have no clue on what will happen, you can assist you to assuage some of your tension.

Jim Butler is a registered lawyer with 24 years of experience. He assists clients to move out of detention where they would squander time and lose employment which would lead to mental distress not only to themselves but to their families as well. At the moment Jim tackles DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases only. He commits all his time on these matters. Although Jim does not support driving while being intoxicated, he trusts that many people who are not guilty are detained, this prompted him to become a DUI and defend them.

In case you’re accused of DWI misconduct it is important to understand the gravity of the allegations. It’s advisable to look for a Houston lawyer who specializes in DWI defense. In case you’re found culpable, a DWI mistake has grave repercussions. These include annulment of your driving license, family breakdown loses of a job and imprisonment. Because Jim Butler has 24 years experience, he has the knowledge and skills to provide the best defense. Contact him straightway. For your information, being accused of a DWI marks the commencement of a long procedure. The allegations made against you do not determine the results of your case. There is a lot that the legal procedure entails. You can have your license revoked or you can be jailed. All these outcomes are not guaranteed. To enable you to get a favorable result, you must choose to work with an experienced lawyer who will assist you walk through the legal process at the same time defending your rights.

The Butler Law Firm has the knowledge required to enable those accused of the allegations of DWI have a high probability of winning the case and have their rights protected throughout the legal process. Contact Mr. Butler straightaway for a free consultation.

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A DWI has a lot of negatives not only to your family but to yourself as well. You’ll incur further expenses on public transportation while commuting to and fro work, attending errands, shopping, and many other family tasks. The revocation of your license will commence on the 40th day if you don’t act. With the experience and knowledge of Mr. Butler, you’re assured of a positive result of your defense. Contact his firm at this moment.

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