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A DWI issue distresses many people as they do not know what to do. In case you find yourself in this situation, we are ready to hold your hand and lessen some distress that you may have.

Jim Butler’s Law Firm has been in business for the last 24 years and possesses the experience and expertise of handling DWI (driving while being intoxicated) matters. You need not squander your precious time in custody because you will cause yourself and your family mental and financial torture. If you contact Jim Butler law Firm, you will be helped within the shortest time possible. Jim Butler’s main focus is DWI matters and commits all his time in handling them. Jim Butler does not approve of DWI offenses but he believes that many people charged of these wrongs are right and arrested for no good reason. This is the main reason why he is a DWI lawyer.

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You face serious consequences if you get a DWI charge. This means that in order for you to increase the probability of winning the case, you must hire an attorney who is focused on such matters. The repercussions of a DWI offense include cancellation of your driver’s license, family squabbles, termination of employment and even imprisonment. However, even though you get arrested because of a DWI issue should not imply that your fate is sealed. The law has technicalities and conviction, fines, loss of license, and incarceration, and none of which are ever automatic. If you face a DWI, it is advisable to hire a specialized attorney to handle your case to increase your chances of getting a positive outcome. Such an attorney will also ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. You should contact Mr. Butler immediately for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

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The effects of a DWI both to you and your family are serious. Additional cost might include public transportation for going to work, going out for errands, shopping, and other family activities. Your license will be suspended 40 days after being charged if nothing is being done.

Mr. Butler is the owner of this Houston-based criminal law office. Mr. Butler will do everything possible under the law to resolve the issue in the best possible way for his client. Contact them immediately for a free consultation.

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