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Are you stressed because you have been charged with driving while intoxicated?

You should not be as we here at Jim Butler Law Firm are a few miles away from you. We are a law firm based in Houston, Texas, which specializes in driving while intoxicated charges. We take full note of the fact that your family is suffering due to your charge and we do all we can to ensure that your punishment is lessened or done away with altogether.

You should never worry when Jim Butler Law Firm is in charge of your driving while intoxicated charge because chances are that you will get the best ruling ever. It is not automatic that because you have been charged with driving while intoxicated that you will suffer the punishments, which are incarceration, fines, or losing your driving license. With good representation, you can be acquitted from the charges.

We offer the best services

Here at Jim Butler Law Firm, our clients are the most important people to us. In this wake, we do all we can to ensure that all your needs are met. We do this by offering different services that are aimed at ensuring that your driving while intoxicated charge is done away with.

For instance, once you contact us to deal with your DWI charge, we take the time to listen to what led to your charge. After we have made sure that we have understood the circumstances, our highly qualified attorney comes up with your well-thought defense which we the present in court. After we have done that, we process all the documents needed by the courts, so as to make your hearing as fast as possible and make sure that it has followed due course. We then represent you in court and talk your way out of the case. You can trust Jim Butler Law Firm in helping you do away with your DWI charges.

Why Choose Us

With all the many law firms in the country, you might be wondering why you should choose Jim Butler Law Firm to represent you. We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are not your ordinary law firm, we have specialized in driving while intoxicated charges, making us experts in the field.

In addition, we have been in the scene for over ten years, helping thousands of clients get off the hook from their driving while intoxicated charges. This has enabled us to comprehensively know the laws regarding DWI charges thus knowing which defense is the best to increase the chances of acquittal. As of that is not enough, we have one of the best attorneys in the country, who work around the clock to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.