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Knowing Why Butler Law Firm Is Able To Help You With Your DWI Charge

Jim Butler is a DWI attorney in Houston, TX, having graduated from South Texas College in 1992, and was consequently licensed to practice law in 1993. 

From that time henceforth, Jim has not looked back. He has grown from strength to strength and developed a passion for helping people that need defense. That is why attorney Butler specializes in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases.  The zeal to help people drove him to attain the following DWI specific certificates:

  • Certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor, Internal Association of Chiefs of Police. 
  • Certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Administration and Interpretation, (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 
  • Certified in the Operation and Maintenance of the Intoxilizer 5000 breath test machine. 
  • Certificate of completion of the Hands of Forensic Gas Chromatography Course. 
  • Certificate of completion of the Drug Recognition Expert Overview Course. 

Armed with all these credentials under his belt, attorney Butler has one mission to accomplish no matter how impossible It might seem, and that is to give impregnable 100% breath and blood test defense. He is also enthusiastic about making sure he saves your most precious driver’s license. He is famous for fighting for your freedom from the most dreaded hefty fines and years of incarceration which are the penalties that are given when you are convicted of a DWI offense

This said, therefore, it should not give you a license to drink and drive because Jim Butler has what it takes to get you off the hook. He specializes in DWI cases because he doesn’t want you to lose your driver’s license which you definitely need to drive yourself and family to work, events, and vacation. With the license, and maybe car impounded, it means you have to resort to other modes of transportation which will be inconvenient and expensive. On the other hand, fines imposed on you result in you draining your bank account and incarceration is a total disaster as you lose your job, salary, and freedom.

This is a great opportunity for you to consider taking the services of attorney Jim Butler who has your interest at heart. The amazing thing is that the consultation which is 24/7 is absolutely free. There is no reason under the sun why you should be alone and suffer while Butler is ready and available at all times like a battering-ram to get you out of the mess you have put yourself in. You need your license, your car, your job, your salary, and your freedom. All you need to do is to call or visit Jim Butler Law Firm:

Located in: 11500 Northwest Freeway

Suite 400 Houston, TX 77092

Telephone: (713) 236-8744

Remember the consultation is free 24/7. Contact us to have all your questions answered. Don’t gamble with life, choose the best to get the best, and live a happy life. You only have yourself to blame.

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