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With all our focus on DWI charges, the Butler Law Firm caters to you and your DWI case when you are most in need of us.

Are you stressed or don’t know what will happen after getting a DWI? We can be able to help you get rid of some of it.

Jim Butler, an attorney licensed for at least 24 years, has helped many clients avoid jail time, a time when they might have ended up jobless. This would have caused both financial and mental anguish on both themselves and their dependents. All of Jim’s cases are DWIs. While he does not, in any way, endorse driving under the influence, Jim believes that a lot of DWI arrests are needless, which gave him the motivation to become a lawyer, specifically a DWI lawyer.

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DWI is a very serious charge. If the offender is found guilty, they could face very dire consequences. As such, it would be advisable to find legal representation that is dedicated to the defense of DWI cases.

The consequences of being found guilty for a DWI range from the suspension of one’s Driver’s License, losing your job, falling out with your family, or even serving jail time. Jim Butler, with a license that has spanned 24 years, can help with your DWI case. Email or call The Butler Law Firm today. In as much as a DWI charge does not necessarily translate to incarceration, it can be a lengthy process. You might get fined, lose your driver’s license or serve a jail term. However, with the right representation, you might not even have to face any of these, as they are not automatic. For the best possible outcome in your case, you need an attorney with many years of experience in DWIs, who will help you navigate the entire process.

Thanks to years of experience, you are most likely to come out successful with The Butler Law Firm. You should therefore get in touch with. Mr. Butler today and consult for free about the specifics of your DWI case.

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With a DWI charge, both your personal and professional life can be greatly affected, negatively. You might also have to incur additional costs that might come from the suspension of your driver’s license. These include public transport for running errands, commuting to and from your workplace, shopping, and visiting your family. Your driver’s license is going to be suspended after 40 days if you don’t do anything about it. The Butler Law Firm, based in Houston, and its years of expertise in DWIs, 24 to be precise, is your best bet in getting out of it.

Mr. Butler, owner of the Houston-based law firm, will go too far lengths to ensure the best outcome of your case. For the best outcome in your case, contact The Butler Law Firm today for a free consultation.