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Defending your DWI is our top priority.

DWI means Drinking With Intoxication and this is a serious and deadly crime. Some drivers find themselves stressed and exhausted and they find themselves drunk as a way of releasing their stress. We are here to help overcome such situations.

Jim Butler is among the few attorneys in Houston who focuses on DWI cases. During her 24 years, he has helped her client out of jail and he believes that DWI laws are good laws that should be enforced. He became a DWI lawyer since he believes many people are arrested innocently and they need someone to fight for their rights despite some being in the wrong.

Make an effort to consult Jim Butler today by calling (713) 236-8744 and get free and quality service.

Jim Butler is always ready to devote his time, energy, and resources to his client and make sure the cases come to an end. He prefers taking a few cases and devote himself so that he can offer high-quality service to his client rather than taking a lot and settle them faster and please the client as many lawyers do.

If you or your family get involved in DWI, you should be aware of the consequences, costs,s, and penalties that are severe. Some of the consequences include jail time, high cost which may include court fees and lawyers fee, license suspension for a period of time among others. Jim Butler is here to defend and protect you, In case of such cases, you can call or email us for assistance. We recommend a case to another lawyer if unable to handle it.

Butler Law Firm offers representation for all aspects of civil lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced and ensure those charged with DWI rights are protected.

DWI is among the crimes that result in loss of life, this can put everyone including the driver in danger. Nearly 60 percent of accidents occurring are due to DWI and the majority are caused by men. This crime has also led to damages of property, traffic congestion which mostly occurs at night. Drivers should be smart and weigh the consequences and avoid DWI /DUI if possible.

DWI can have a huge impact on one’s life since the penalties are severe and especially if involved for the second time. When involved in a DWI case one should act as quickly as possible as it works when applied immediately after being charged. In order to beat arrest charges its important details of your arrest examined.

Although we don’t encourage DWI one should know his or her rights while learning how to fight it. Some drivers involved in DWI don’t deserve severe penalties imposed on them since we know there is justice that affords everyone the right to a strong defense. We can easily help you if you give us relevant information so that we can know how to handle the case.

The Butler Law Firm is a 100% DWI-focused law that can cater to your case. You are free to get in touch with Butler for assistance in case of DWI.

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