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Representing you in the DWI charge is the first of our precedence!

Don’t know what is going to happen when charged with a DWI? We are here to get you through the DWI stress!

As a 24 licensed DWI attorney, Jim Butler comes to the aid of his clients to get out of jail which would otherwise course clients to lose their sources of livelihood and course stress to their families both psychologically and money-wise. Currently, Jim Butler cases are majorly DWI matters and he commits his time fully to focus on the Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) matters. Jim Butler became a DWI attorney because he has seen how needlessly most innocent people get arrested, he, however, does not advocate for driving while under the influence.

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The DWI is initials for Driving while Intoxicated or DUI- driving under the influence and anyone who finds themselves facing this charge should seek the services of an attorney who strictly specializes in DWI matters. The DWI charge carries serious repercussions. 

The consequences of being charged with DWI offense not only include possible jail term it may also lead to loss of a source of income, family problems, and daily operations among many others. If you are faced with a DWI charge Jim Butler of Butler Law Firm has 24 years of experience. Kindly email or call us today! Being arrested with a DWI offense is just but the beginning of an enduring route. The charge of DWI doesn’t mean the matter has come to an end but just the beginning. As the legal process is a technical procedure, charges, fines, loss of license or sentencing are just part of the procedure and do not take effect immediately. To succeed against a prema facie case you need to hire or get the services of a DWI experienced attorney who will assist you to traverse the legal process swiftly.

Our firm has all the experience you will need to get the best outcome against the DWI or DUI charge and not only make sure the due process is followed in the criminal matter but your rights to a fair trial and generally are upheld. Consult MR. Jim Butler today for free because he possesses vast experience on DWI matters.

The charge of DWI has serious consequences and can greatly have an effect on your daily life family and work routine. The effect may include the use of public transport to work, shopping or family errands. If you do not do anything, your license will be suspended from 40 days of the DWI charge. The firm of Butler which is based in Houston has a 24-year experience and will assist you to get a good outcome in your case.

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