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For any DWI-related cases, the Butler Law Firm is ready and willing to stand with you always.

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If you have any case pressuring you on driving under influence, have peace because we are here to settle this. Do not succumb to pressure or fear of what will happen in the future.

Jim Butler is among the experienced professionals you can find easily in Houston. Despite him being an attorney who is licensed for more than two decades, he still believes that allegations are made on innocent people who do not need to suffer for no reason. This has helped him get innocent people from jail and prevented their families from suffering mentally and financially. Jim Butler does not approve of driving while drunk but he has devoted his time in defending the innocent people who have had allegations related to driving under influence.

For more information, consultation, and questions, you can contact Jim Butler via the following number, (713)236-8744. 

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), is a serious offense and leads to severe punishment for anyone found guilty of violating it. For anyone to be on the safer side, the offender must lookout for a serious attorney from Houston who has specialized in the defense of DWI cases.

The severe punishment for violating DWI offense includes suspension of the license of the respective driver, employment termination, and even imprisonment. The only way out to get rid of such a case is by getting an experienced attorney. Once you have been arrested does not mean that is the final decision, The Butler Law Firm is ready to help you in this. One of the advantages of hiring a good attorney is that they will ensure the process is truthful and the rights of the client are not violated in any way.

The Butler Law Firm, with all the experience required for dealing with such a case, ensure that the rights of all people charged with DWI have been protected after a legal process to the final decision. An added advantage to this firm is that consultation is free any time either by an email or by calling directly through the number indicated above. This will let the offender understand the case better.

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DWI case could be a threat to your own life and for your own family. The revocation of a driving license will end up increasing the transportation cost since you have to report to work daily. To avoid this, Butler Law Firm in Houston advises you to contact them immediately.

It is a great job done by Jim Butler to defend innocent people reported of DWI cases. He owns this office dealing with such DWI cases to give the best for his clients.

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