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The Butler Law Firm Is A 100% DWI Focused Law Firm Catering To Your Case When You Need Us Most

Are you facing a DWI ( Driving under the Influence) in Houston? Are you in a stressful situation and do not know where else to turn to? Are you looking for a way out of your predicament?

The Butler Law Firm is here for you. Our firm has the required experience to come to the aid of clients facing DWI or DUI criminal charges. We ensure that through the process of law, we secure a better chance of a convenient outcome for you. The protection of your rights is also prioritized to achieve the best outcome of your situation.

There should be an awareness of the gravity of this offense. One should seek the counsel of a Houston lawyer to limit the gravity of the offense to a DWI defense. If you are guilty Driving While Intoxicated, the consequences can be serious. They can range from having your license suspended or revoked, the fall-out from the family, and incarceration. If arrested for this crime, this is no determination of the outcome but the initiation of a long process. There are issues of technicality, convictions, attracting fines, license loss and jail time are a matter of the law. None are however automatic. 

A DWI can have the added effect of compromising your life, the family and also employment. Incremental costs can include restriction going to work via public transportation, not able to go for errands, shopping, and family-related endeavors. Your license suspension normally begins 40 days after the initial charge is made if nothing is done.  

Having a lawyer with experience to take you throughout the process and ensure your rights are protected can give you the best possibility of achieving a positive outcome. Our Houston based firm has been in the legal business for 24 years and depending on your circumstances, can aid you to get a viable option of your choice. 

The owner of our Houston-based criminal law office is Mr. Butler. He endeavors to under the law, achieve the best possibility to resolve our clients’ issues in the best way possible. If faced with a DWI charge, we have a 24-year license in the trade. Jim Butler also has a 24-year license as a practicing attorney. He usually comes to the aid of his clients who are facing possible incarceration, where they could have been terminated from employment causing financial and mental stress to their families.  

Our owner is not an endorser of drunk driving but he cannot tolerate the pointless arrest of many innocents. This is the prime reason why Mr. Jim decided to become a DUI lawyer. Currently, He is 100% devoted to types of cases that are DWI (driving while intoxicated) in nature. 

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