Fighting Against Your DWI Conviction

DWI Conviction: How Severe It Is?

Having a DWI is a serious offense. The consequences of DWI convictions are severe, including jail time and fines, and an increase in the amount of alcohol in the blood. If you have multiple previous DWIs, a child in the car, or have inflicted injury on another person, the penalties may be even higher. Numerous defense strategies have worked for many of our clients in the past.

DWI Arrest

One of the first steps in fighting a DWI conviction is to learn all you can about the arrest. Write down what happened and who was involved. Recall any field tests the officer gave you and what you remember that wasn’t right. Note any medication or food you consumed in the 12 hours before the arrest. Your attorney can use this information to build your case. In addition, you should take photos of your vehicle and any other evidence that might be relevant to the case.

One of the biggest costs involved in defending against a DWI charge is obtaining legal representation. While a DWI arrest may not seem very costly, it can be difficult to pay for an attorney. However, the financial cost can be worth it if you have a solid case. Attorney fees can be included in a plea bargain, and you should always make sure you hire the best attorney possible. If you are convicted of a DWI charge, you must hire a legal professional who specializes in these cases.

DWI Charge

DUI Charges Dropped in Houston The first step in fighting a DWI conviction is to document the entire incident, from the time you were pulled over to the police station. Take notes about what happened during the arrest, such as the names of the officers and witnesses. Remember to write down anything that seems off about any field tests. Note down everything you ate or drank within 12 hours of the arrest. If you have taken any medication in the time leading up to the arrest, write it down as well.

By fighting a DWI charge, you can minimize the collateral consequences of a conviction. If you don’t fight your case, you will almost certainly plead guilty or have no contest to the charge. This will permanently affect your reputation and your future. Despite your best efforts, it’s not a guarantee that your case will be dismissed or reduced. A judge may find it in your best interest to dismiss your case.

DWI Charge Defense

There are some things to consider when you are facing a DWI charge. A court will want to know if you were over the legal limit when you were pulled over. If you were, you may be facing a jail sentence and thousands of dollars in fines. Even if your case is dismissed, it may still be difficult to find work. Therefore, it is imperative to fight the charges to reduce the sentence.

By fighting the charges, you can avoid the collateral consequences that a DWI conviction can carry. If you do not fight the charges, you will likely plead guilty and will be given a criminal record. While a first-time DWI may be expunged, it is important to keep in mind that your arrest is still a public record. Whether you choose to fight the charges or not, it will be critical for you to hire a DWI lawyer with experience in these cases.

Hiring A DWI Attorney

Hiring a DWI attorney to fight your conviction is an excellent idea if you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated. A lawyer who has been in your situation before can offer valuable tips on how to get off the hook, exploit loopholes, or even minimize the charges. When choosing a lawyer for your case, you should ask how long they’ve been practicing, how many cases they’ve handled during that time, and what their success rate is. You should also check out their reputation and ask them how previous clients felt about their services. Ask them if they were satisfied with the results and whether they would recommend them.

If you are convicted of a DWI, you’ll probably face stiff consequences. Depending on the state of your offense, you may have to serve jail time, pay a fine, and install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Even if the charge is a misdemeanor, you could be facing felony charges, which carry more severe penalties. You could be sentenced to jail time, a fine, or community service, and your license might be suspended. If you’ve ever been arrested for DWI, you’ll know that the legal system is complex.

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