Hiring A DWI Lawyer? What You Need To Know

Helpful Info For Getting DWI Lawyer

Best Houston DWI Lawyer - Harris County DUI Attorney - Drinking And Driving Houston While drunk driving is a pretty serious crime in all states, DWI/DUI laws do not require a driver to be intoxicated or drunk to be charged as guilty of DUI charges. The laws are there to determine the driver’s ability to operate their vehicle by ascertaining whether they are compromised based on whether their blood alcohol level surpasses the state limit, which is set at 0.08 percent.

The outcomes of a DUI are very different from one state to the other and are affected by the driver’s age, blood alcohol content or BAC, whether you have been arrested for similar charges in the past, and whether the DUI resulted in wrongful death. If you are facing DUI charges, whether you should get a lawyer is up to you. Here is some information to help with the decision.

What does a DUI lawyer do?

A DUI lawyer goes through all possible outcomes for their client and determines ways to minimize the damage to the livelihoods and lives of the clients. A lawyer will often access a client’s situation and determine that the client is eligible for very minor penalties or may be offered probation. If the situation shows that the client can get either of these consequences, the client may decide whether these consequences are minor enough for them to take a quick plea bargain with the prosecutor or represent themselves if the case goes to court. It is best to note that all DUI cases are different, so it is best to be certain that your situation is handled properly, which is why it is advisable to talk to a DUI attorney.

A DUI Lawyer Assesses Your Case

The different circumstances that surround each DUI case and the different DUI laws in each state mean that the possible punishments for a DUI depend on various factors. Once you get an experienced lawyer, they will help you understand the jail time that you may face should your case proceed to trial or any potential fines if your case is not too complicated. Many experienced DUI attorneys are aware of the process and the hidden options that a public defender may not let you know. Additionally, a DUI lawyer will probably offer a free consultation which is to your advantage if you do not understand the process. Seeing a DUI lawyer also prevents you from spending money if the consequences are not dire.

A DUI lawyer will explain to you how the consequences of DUI affect you depending on your State. For instance, harsher punishments are given for drivers arrested with BAC limits that exceed .08 percent. Moreover, there are different laws for DUIs involving underage drivers. The DUI lawyer lets you know whether you qualify for a plea bargain or possible community service. The lawyer understands the overlapping jurisdictions in the courts and the motor vehicle licensing department in your state to revoke or suspend your driver’s license. The lawyer may also help you with license programs that let you use your vehicle for special circumstances such as going to and from work.

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