What To Do When You Get DWI In Texas

Are you charged with DWI and you’re not sure what to do? The DWI process is not as complicated as you think, but it’s important you know what to expect, so you can protect yourself.

The process involves an administrative hearing which you have 15 days from the date of your arrest to schedule it. Not doing so can result in the suspension of your license. You will also face a criminal case where bail is determined by the court as well as a pre-trial appearance and a trial.

In the pre-trial, all evidence against you will be reviewed. This is where plea-bargaining can happen and having a good defense attorney can help in dealing with your case.

Butler Law Firm | DWI in TexasPossible penalties you will face include:

  • License revocation
  • Imprisonment
  • Community Service
  • Fines
  • Probation

A DWI record can have a huge impact on your life. Your family, employment, and personal relationships can be greatly affected by a permanent criminal record and you don’t want this to happen.

When you are charged with DWI, don’t hesitate to call a reputable DWI attorney in Houston. It’s important you know your legal options and what needs to be done.

Reputable Houston DWI Attorney

Working with skilled and highly experienced lawyers can help mitigate the charges against you. This is where the lawyers at Butler Law Firm can help. Our lawyers have the necessary skills and expertise to analyze test results and come up with possible defense strategies.

A law practitioner since 1993, Jim Butler is an expert in DWI cases. He has years of experience handling DWI cases and has in-depth knowledge in looking for test procedure errors.

When you work with Butler Law Firm, you know you’re in good hands. Get a free case evaluation today!