DUI Conviction In Houston: Counted As Criminal Offense?

Helpful Ideas To Deeply Understand Houston DUI Conviction

There is rarely a case when you are convicted for driving under the influence, otherwise known as a DUI, which is not a criminal offense. If you get a DUI, in almost all cases it will give you a criminal record of either a misdemeanor or a felony. Read on to learn the categorization of DUIs, how (in few cases) a DUI is not a crime, a discussion of the various consequences and penalties of a DUI.

Which One Is A DUI – Misdemeanor Or Felony?

In general, a DUI can fall under the categories of misdemeanor or felony. Both categories fall under crime. However, the category of misdemeanor is not as severe as felony convictions.

Misdemeanor DUI Convictions

In the majority of states, getting a DUI one or two times are considered a misdemeanor. A primary example of a misdemeanor is that the time a person spends I’m jail is typically a year or less. The fine for a misdemeanor is typically no more than $1,000. However, court fees, etc., can increase that amount. When a person gets a DUI misdemeanor, his or her license may be suspended from a few months to one year. In addition, a number of states include ignition interlock rules for people convicted of first and second DUIs.

Therefore, the penalties vary from state to state. A first or second DUI can, therefore, receive various penalties depending on the location.

Felony DUI Convictions

If you have two or more DUIs, that’s the main reason why another DUI would make it a felony. A number of states include “washout” periods for convictions for DUI. This stands for DUIs that happen during a specific time. However, assuming you have two DUIs within the period or you commit a DUI in a state where DUI convictions remain on your record for the rest of your life, a third DUI will likely end up in your being convicted of a felony.

If you receive a felony DUI, you will typically get a term a year or possibly more in either jail or state prison. Furthermore, the fines for felony DUI are often a lot higher than for misdemeanors. They can cost up to several thousand or more. A longer suspension of your license can also occur for a felony DUI.

When You Have A DUI Criminal Record

When you have a DUI, or any crime, for example, having that on your record can create problems for you. However, in a number of states, if you get a DUI, you can have it expunged from your record after some time has passed. After a conviction is expunged, in general, you can truthfully report the no convictions are on your record.

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