Why You Need A DUI Attorney In Houston

DUI Lawyer Role in Houston

5 Reasons To Hire A Houston DUI Lawyer

Drunk driving is a serious offense, one that can taint your otherwise impeccable record if/when arrested and prosecuted. The authorities are particularly serious with this issue, with more than 1.5 million people arrested every year for drunk driving. A DUI can not only cost you your driver’s license but your job as well. Only a good and experienced DUI attorney can help if there are DUI charges filed against you. Here are some of the reasons and advantages of hiring a DUI lawyer.

1. Swift Expert Advice and Help

The police will first try to extract as much actional information from you as possible. They will then use the information acquired against you in court. However, an attorney will prevent you from providing incriminating information to the officers and advise you on what to and not say, saving you from inflicting more damage to yourself.

2. The Attorney Will Fight For Your Protection

A good lawyer will tell whether your case is weak or not and act from the information gathered to fight for your freedom. This is unlike dealing with the police directly, as they want to find more incriminating evidence against you.

3. Get A Better Deal

Even though this is your first offense, the risk of losing your license is significantly high. The prosecutor might even trick you into taking the first-offense plea, which a good attorney wouldn’t recommend unless necessary. The attorney will fight the case to get a better deal and avoid you losing your driving license.

4. It’s Worth Every Penny

Although you might be at liberty to represent yourself or not want to spend money on legal fees, A DUI case isn’t something you’d want to take lightly. It’s worth noting that prosecutors do this for a living and will do anything to get your license revoked or worse. Only an experienced attorney can handle the prosecutor’s tactics and tricks, and your best hope for keeping your license and job as well. The amount you get to spend in legal fees is nothing compared to the implications of a revoked license and inability to get a job.

5. What Happens If The Case Goes To Trial?

This is one of the many questions you should ask yourself before brushing the idea of hiring a DUI attorney off. If the case goes to trial, the prosecutor will use their expertise to ‘bury’ you, which might not be the case if you have a reputable attorney. Unless you are a lawyer yourself, the wise move here would be to have someone with a proper understanding of the law by your side.

Required Qualities To Win The Case

DUI attorneys do this for a living, hence are better placed to fight your case than any other lawyer. They also understand the intricacies of drunk driving cases and how/what should be done to secure their client’s freedom. That said, you want to hire an attorney with a proven track record to stand a chance.

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