DUI Case In Houston: How To Overcome It? Pt 2

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10 Things You Should Know When Facing Houston DUI Charges

Part 2

4. Record The Details Of What Happened

After you get out of jail, it is best to record what you can remember about before and during your arrest. You can jot it down on a notebook or create a voice memo on your smartphone. Take the time to recall everything you can regarding when the police stopped you or showed up to when you are released from jail. Try your best to answer the following questions:

  • What did you say to the police?
  • What was your first encounter with the police like?
  • What reasons did the cops give you for pulling you over?
  • Did the police say anything else regarding your driving after pulling you over?
  • Were you requested or ordered to get out of your car?
  • Did the cops ask or order you to do the field sobriety tests?
  • What sobriety tests were you asked to do?
  • What else did you do before you were charged with a DUI?
  • Were you asked to give a breath sample, and how many?
  • Were you given a choice between a blood or breath test?
  • Did the cops ask you to make a statement after arresting you?

5. Identify Potential Witnesses

You probably ended up facing the DUI charges after coming from a bar, restaurant, or a friend’s party. You interacted with people and might have offered a ride to one or two and dropped them off before the arrest. As soon as the cops release you from jail, we highly recommend that you start retracing your step, the places you went, and who you were with.

The police are unlikely to investigate after are arresting you and your DUI case is a standard misdemeanor. Nevertheless, it could help if you looked for witnesses to help with your case. Your lawyer can reach out to them and determine if their account of what happened will be helpful. For instance, some of the people who were with you might testify that you took a few drinks and were not under the influence when you jumped behind the wheel.

6. Gather Potential Evidence

Besides the potential witnesses, you might have vital evidence from other sources. For instance, you might have been heading home after hitting the bar or restaurant when you were arrested for a DUI. You can request the bar or restaurant for a copy of your bill, which can prove you were not intoxicated when driving.

Also, the establishment could have records from their security cameras that can be used to prove you did not drink too much. Nevertheless, we advise our clients to reserve such information for their lawyers. It is best to let your attorney determine if the evidence will support your innocence or be damaging.

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