DUI Case In Houston: How To Overcome It? Pt 3

10 Things You Should Know When Facing Houston DUI Charges

Part 3

7. Private Attorney Or Public Defender?

The cops will notify you about your first court date after arresting you for a DUI, which can be reflected in your arrest citation. You can opt to hire a private lawyer, which is done before your arraignment. Nonetheless, situations might force you to hire one after the arraignment, but acting sooner gives you the best chances of success.

Please note that the court will appoint a public defender to represent you if you cannot afford a private attorney. While the Texas Public Defender’s offices do have brilliant attorneys, they often juggle hundreds of cases and thus cannot give your case any special attention, which is crucial if you want to have the matter dropped.

8. Listen To Your Lawyer

It is crucial that you heed your attorney’s advice, whether a public defender or private lawyer. Attorneys are bound by law to exercise a duty of loyalty to their clients. Hence, your lawyer is duty-bound to act in your best interests when fighting the DUI charges. It is essential that you trust in their professional expertise. That is why you should make sure that you hire an attorney specializing in DUI cases that you can trust.

9. Avoid Getting Into More Trouble

Negotiating with the DIA and defending you is less complicated if you avoid picking up new charges after the cops release you from jail with an ongoing DUI case. The strategy is to show the DA you are on the straight and narrow, avoiding trouble that will get you on the wrong side of the law. It can help get the best results in our plea bargain negotiations or when you are presented before the judge.

If you face a misdemeanor DUI charge, you might not stay in jail awaiting trial. And if taken to court, the judge might order that you be released on your “own recognizance.” That means the judge expects you to abide by all laws; breaking any could see the judge order that you be jailed until your DUI trial begins.

10. Patience Pays

DUI cases can be complicated and might take longer to resolve. Some can last nearly a year or more. Hence, it is best to ensure your lawyer has all the relevant information regarding your DUI charge and review the evidence to prepare adequately for trial. Your attorney might decide to make several motions before the case is before a judge.

You might need to find expert witnesses to testify on your behalf if things do not look too promising. It is an option that a skilled DUI lawyer will recommend, ensuring no stone is unturned in the quest to absolve you of the DUI charges. It might be a demanding process that takes time, but never forget patience is a rewarding virtue.

DUI offenses are categorized as criminal cases but differ from other criminal cases. Your chances of getting the best results are better if you work with a reputable lawyer specializing in DUI cases. Call us today to know more about your options and how we can help. Visit our blog for more related articles. Missed the first article in this series? Click here!