Ways That A Houston DUI Could Affect Your Life

7 Serious Consequences Of A DUI In Houston

DUI Helpful Ideas in HoustonHaving a drinking and driving conviction could put some serious limits on your freedom and life prospects. Being faced with probation, loss of license or even time in jail is a serious thing. The penalties don’t just end there, though. If you’ve made the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence, then you may find that you pay for that decision in several ways.

The worst-case scenario is that you have an accident while driving, and have to live with the consequences of that accident forever. Even if you don’t end up killing someone, if you are pulled over, you will be faced with a charge that could impact on your lifestyle and reputation for many years to come.

Here are some serious consequences to a DUI:

1. Your Reputation

If you are charged with a DUI, you will have a mugshot taken, processed, and posted online where it could stay for many years. Anyone can look those up, and it could impact on your social and professional reputation.

2. Getting An Interlock

In some states, DUI offenders are required to install an interlock ignition device. This hooks up to the ignition of your car and requires you to have your blood alcohol content measured before you can start your car. You will have to pay to have this installed and pay a monthly fee to have it recalibrated. If you don’t have this fitted, the state may refuse to allow you to drive.

3. Expensive Insurance

How much you pay for car insurance depends on how risky the insurance companies think you are as a motorist. If you have a DUI, that makes you look like a high-risk driver. The insurance company may refuse to cover you, or, if they will cover you, they could charge a lot more than you are used to paying.

4. Child Custody Battles

If you are ever faced with a child custody battle, a recent DUI could make it harder for you to win. The judge may see it as a sign of a drinking problem, and that you are not a fit and responsible parent.

5. Your Employment At Risk

Depending on your profession, you could find your employment put at risk if you have a DUI. Teachers, doctors, and others in ‘respectable’ fields may be unable to obtain a professional license if they have a DUI.

6. Limits On Travel

In a lot of states, if you are on probation you are required to request permission from your probation officer before you are allowed to travel. Even when you are off supervision, you may find travel is still difficult, since some foreign countries don’t accept visitors with even minor convictions. You could find that you can get a visa, but are detained and deported upon arrival.

7. Numerous Expenses

Being convicted of a DUI is expensive. Your car may be towed and impounded. You could have to pay bail, court costs, and legal fees. There are often other expenses such as DUI, too, such as DUI education programs, probation fees, drug or alcohol assessment and counseling fees, increased insurance costs, and a charge to get your license renewed. You might also have indirect costs, such as loss of earnings.

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