A Guide For Choosing A Houston DWI/DUI Attorney

Questions To Ask A DWI/DUI Lawyer Before Hiring One In Houston

Did you get arrested for DWI/DUI in Houston? The experience for many people is confusing and scary, especially if they are arrested. After this experience, you will face an overwhelming process, which is to find and hire the right lawyer to represent you in court. Do not take the DWI case lightly, especially when so much rides on the outcome of your case. Your lawyer not only handles your case but also has so many roles. Your lawyer is responsible to speak on your behalf in court. Throughout the handling of your case, your lawyer does several other functions. The lawyer answers all the questions you may have and explains the process to you. The lawyer ensures you understand what to expect and the issues that can arise. Your lawyer connects to the police officers and the prosecuting attorney to gather the information they have that they plan on using against you in court.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you want to choose an attorney to represent you in your DWI case:

If possible, talk to several lawyers. Interview several lawyers. Ask them if they have experience in dealing with cases that are similar to yours.

The following are some of the Questions to Ask DWI Lawyers:

  • Is their practice focused primarily on drug and alcohol cases?
  • What type of training do they have that is specific to DWIs?
  • Can they recommend a good agency for standardizing the field tests?
  • Do they know how they calculate the breath, urine, and blood results?
  • Who is responsible for oversight of the breath tests in Houston? Ask if they know.
  • Can they tell you about and the potential problems of using the dual-column gas chromatograph with flame ionization?
  • Do they know the probable and possible problems with the breath, urine, and blood tests?
  • Do they answer the calls of their clients after hours and on the weekends?
  • In case there is an emergency, do they give their clients their personal cell phone numbers?
  • Have they ever been to any law enforcement training at a police academy?
  • Have they arrested someone in the past?
  • Have they ridden with police offers? Do they know how police offer to make arrest decisions?
  • Did they ever train police officers on the street in real-world situations?
  • Have they ever investigated a case that leads to the issuance of an arrest warrant or a search warrant?
  • Have they undergone training for performing field sobriety tests?
  • Do they know how to operate a breathalyzer? And have they ever operated one?
  • Have they prosecuted someone charged with a crime?
  • Do they train prosecutors?
  • Do they lecture their peers on topics of alcohol or drug-related offenses like DUI, or DWI?
  • Have they sat as a special judge on criminal cases?

Atty. Jim Butler will answer “yes” to all of these questions. Get in touch with him if you would like him to help you with your DWI case. Visit our blog for more related articles.