The Great Danger Of Drunk Driving In Houston Pt 2

DUI Lawyer Role in Houston

Why You Should Actually Avoid Drunk Driving

Part 2

(Continuation) Populations with high rates of alcoholism are also affected by alcohol-related crime. 40 percent of violent crimes have alcohol as a factor, while 37 percent of inmates will say that they were drinking before they were arrested. Drunk driving has three classifications. Driving while intoxicated or DWI, Driving under the influence or DUI, and Operating While Intoxicated or OWI. Every state has its own penalties for these infractions. In larger cities, easier access to public transportation can help to keep rates of DUI below the national average, even if they have a sizable drinking culture.

Most arrests for DUI and alcohol-related accidents are committed by those who have been arrested before for the same offense. More than half of those arrests comprise those who have a suspended license. It is thought that a person who has driven while drunk will have done so at least 80 times, before the first arrest. Across the US, the incidents of drunk driving average over 300,000, every day.

Loss Of Young Life Due To Drunk Driving

Alcoholism is considered a family disease. It is, therefore, not a surprise that drunk driving can devastate families. It is a practice that can kill youth, both those who are driving or are in the back seat. Among teens, car accidents are a leading cause of death. In accidents where teens are involved, a quarter is caused by drivers who drink even though they are underage. 39 percent of drunk drivers are made up of impaired drivers aged between 16 and 24. When you consider deaths among children in car accidents, 61 percent of them are in car wrecks caused by drunk drivers who had a BAC of over 0.08.

Statistics On Drunk Driving

  • In 2016, 1.1 million drivers received DUIs
  • Two-thirds of all people will experience a car wreck in their lifetime that is alcohol-related.
  • In 2016, 214 children died in accidents involving drunk drivers

Preventing Drunk Driving—Steps You Can Take

  • If you have to drink, find someone in your group who will drive and will not drink that day
  • Never allow any of your friends to drive if they are drunk
  • Drunk or have used drugs. Get yourself a taxi, a ride-share service, or find someone to drive you home
  • As a host at a party where you will serve drinks, make sure that each guest designates a sober driver and leaves with him, or serve only alcohol-free beverages.

Houston’s DWI Lawyer

When you get a DWI, you will be stressed and not know what will happen next. Ask for our help to reduce some of your stress.

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