Why Your Houston DWI Charge Is Worth Fighting Pt 2

An Idea To Win Against DWI Charge In Houston

Part 2

  • (Continuation)You will have a hard time providing for your family and maintaining custody of your kids based on how limited your employment opportunities will be
  • You will face severe obstacles in getting employed, especially when it comes to careers that need professional licensing or security clearances
  • Facing higher insurance premiums or having your insurance revoked altogether. You may even face restrictions when trying to get your auto insurance reinstated.
  • Changing your daily routine and having to forego visits to family and friends as well as making other excursions that you are used to making

Possible Defenses Against DWI Charge

Most individuals pulled over by the police and charged with a first-time DWI often think there is little to nothing they can do to minimize the possible penalties or dismiss the case. However, different legitimate strategies have worked for most of the clients we have worked with within the past.

Usually, the police will only pull you over if they have reasonable suspicion to stop you. The police must have probable cause to believe you have committed an offense before arresting you. A skilled attorney can challenge both reasons in court.

When it comes to the police administering the breath test, they must abide by specific procedures and standards. If the intoxilyzer operator is inexperienced, they may not fully understand the necessary steps. In some instances, a seasoned veteran can still make a mistake. In addition, the intoxylizer must be appropriately calibrated and maintained. These are more factors that an attorney can challenge in court.

You can also challenge the lack of proper chain of custody in a case where you refused to take the breath test and took the blood test pursuant. You can argue that the sample may have been tainted or contaminated somewhere between the handling and transfer of the blood vial.

Suppose enough doubt is cast on these different forms of evidence and police procedures (including going over their report to identify any irregularities). In that case, your attorney can proceed to have the evidence suppressed. Furthermore, your attorney can also seek to exclude witness testimony based on improper procedures, including the police officers’ testimony.

Remember, a DWI begins as an opinion of the officer making the arrest, and it ends with the opinion of the jury or judge. Minds can be changed when opinions are challenged. There is a lot at stake when you get charged with a DWI, so you require the best legal representation. If you do not fight a conviction, your life may never be the same again, and there is no guarantee that the judge will be light on you if you plead guilty.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help

Above, Atty. Jim Butler has outlined some consequences you will face when you are convicted and strategies you and your attorney can use to challenge the testimony and evidence against you in court. He is always prepared to fight for your rights and form a sturdy strategy to get the best result in your case.

As a DWI defense attorney, He has the extensive experience and knowledge necessary to help you in your legal fight. Contact Jim Butler today at (713) 236-8744 to schedule a FREE consultation! Visit our blog for more related articles. Click here for the first article in this series.