DUI In Houston: Can Cause Problems When Getting A Job?

Ideas On How Houston DUI Can Affect Your Job Application

Getting any charges from DUI, even when you have a misdemeanor conviction and not a felony, can cause problems when you’re trying to get a job. Most employers run background checks on the candidates that apply for jobs and also ask about a misdemeanor conviction when choosing new employees. It can be difficult to get a job that involves driving, dealing with children, or handling sensitive material. However, some jobs may not deny you the job because of a DUI conviction.

Conviction Vs Arrest

DUI Guide Arrest in HoustonAn arrest from DUI may not affect your job search too much. In most states, employers are allowed to ask about convictions but do not ask about arrests. Some states, however, do allow employers to ask about specific arrests. In Houston, for instance, when applying for a position with access to medications, you are required to disclose any information regarding a drug arrest even if there was no conviction. You are not forced to give information about DUI arrests, which means that you should only divulge the information about convictions if there are specific queries during the interview or on a written application. If you wish to have the DUI conviction expunged, you can talk to an attorney and see the possibility. With an expunged conviction, you do not have to acknowledge the conviction during your applications to potential employers.

Sensitive Jobs

Some employers are more strict about DUIs than others. For instance, if you are applying for a job that requires you to work with children such as a daycare provider or a teacher, it can be difficult to find employment with a record of a DUI conviction. Additionally, jobs that require you to drive such as salesperson, delivery driver, truck driver, or bus driver can be problematic with a DUI conviction. You may also have a hard time getting a government job or joining the military, as most companies with access to confidential information cannot hire a person with a criminal record as per their policy.

Additional Problems

A black mark on your record from DUI is not the only way your job search can be affected. There may be other consequences such as losing your driver’s license for an amount of time decided by the court. This means you may not have a reliable way to get to work. If you live in a location with inadequate public transportation, you could be deterred from getting a job significantly. You can request friends and family to help, but that means that you cannot control things like whether you are late to work or get to a meeting in time. Apart from that, if you do not have a driver’s license because it has been suspended, you will have a gap in your paperwork. This can raise red flags with your potential employer.

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