Brilliant Ideas On How To Drink Without Getting Drunk In Houston

How To Drink Without Getting Drunk In Houston: Tips & Tricks

It can be difficult to figure out how much you should drink when you’re out with your friends. If you want to be able to kick back and relax with a drink, but also want to avoid getting drunk, give these suggestions a try.

Decide How Much You’ll Drink In Advance

Before you go out, take the time to figure out the number of drinks you want to enjoy that night. Once you’ve come up with a number, you’ll want to make sure you stick to it. According to research, the maximum amount of alcoholic beverages you should have in a sitting is four. Of course, not all people have the same level of alcohol tolerance. Come up with a number that works for you. If you’re not sure how much alcohol you can handle, it might be best to play it safe and just have one of two drinks.

It’s also a wise idea to think about what you can afford. Buying drinks can get very expensive. While you’re still sober, you should look at your bank account and figure out what you’re willing to spend.

Drink Slowly

If you down your drinks quickly, you might not be able to feel the impact the alcohol is having on you until you’re completely drunk. Instead of knocking back one drink after another, try sipping on a glass of water or soda in between each drink. When you’re drinking something alcoholic, you’ll want to drink slowly.

Get Better & Saying No

Even when you’re an adult, it can be tough to resist pressure from your peers. If you’re done drinking, firmly turn people down when they offer to get you another drink. Let them know you’re fine and start talking about something else. You don’t have to keep up with your friends. Just think about the amount of alcohol that you’re comfortable drinking.

Stay Away From Shots & Rounds

It can be fun to go out drinking with friends. However, if you’re out with a big group, buying a round of drinks can take a toll on your wallet. It’s also smart to avoid shots; doing shots is a fast way to get drunk. If your friends are going to do shots, turn them down. If you’re worried about peer pressure, try taking a bathroom break when they’re heading over to the bar.

Stay Hydrated & Avoid Drinking On An Empty Stomach

If you want to avoid a hangover, you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated while you drink. Have a soda or some water every time you drink something alcoholic. You don’t have to tell anyone else that you’re not drinking alcohol. It’s also a smart idea to have something to eat before you drink. When you drink on a full stomach, it’ll be easier for you to drink without getting drunk.

Enjoy Activities While You’re Out

When you’re out with your friends, don’t focus on drinking and nothing else. You could play a game of pool or shoot some darts. If you’re not in a great mood, getting drunk isn’t going to make you feel better. If you need a distraction, you can try an activity or have a conversation with a friend.

Have A Back-Up Plan

  • Ask one of your friends to keep an eye on you in case you do go past your limit
  • Ask your friends to remind you to slow down while you’re drinking
  • Don’t start drinking until after you’ve figured out where you’ll be staying that night
  • Set aside money for an Uber or a cab if you’re too drunk to drive

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