A Clear Understanding Of DUI Consequences In Houston

The Dire Consequences Of A Houston DUI

There is no doubt that a DUI will turn your life around and certainly for the worse.

While a career-ending outcome is one possible outcome, the implications there are scathing enough. But, to emphasize the serious nature of a DUI, here are 9 other ways a DUI can change your life and ruin your career.

A Suspended License

The first thing that happens is your driver’s license will be suspended. The consequences of this are most serious for those who are driving for a living, but you can still see your life affected even if you aren’t driving on the job. If you regularly commute to work, you will need to find a new way of getting to work which can be very taxing to your agenda and wallet. Public transportation is very unreliable in demanding schedules and this is one place where a DUI can hit your career hard.

Loss Of Insurance

DUI drivers in Houston Texas may be able to get a restricted license after some point so that they can still get to and from work, but this does not mean insurance will also be as readily available. There are many insurance companies that will deny insurance to all drivers with a DUI conviction. If you drive for your work, you may find that your employer’s insurance will no longer cover you, if you have also been dropped by your regular insurance provider, you will be stranded until you can find a new provider. No matter what you find, you can bet the cost of your new policy will be considerably higher than what you were paying prior to the DUI.

Possible Firing

Employers are becoming stricter and stricter considering the demands they make on their employees, especially when it comes to criminal records. There is often a stipulation that you must notify your employer if you have been arrested for any reason. If they find out that the misdeed was something as serious and potentially life-threatening as DUI, they may be leaving your place of employment on short notice.

Diversion Programs

There are diversion programs available, but you will have to plead “guilty” or “no contest” to the charge of drinking and driving. The courts may also insist you inform your employer of your crime. To ensure this happens, a caseworker may arrive at your place of employment to ensure that your employer has been properly informed. If your place of employment does have a mandatory firing policy for these cases you could still lose your job even if you managed to get your license back and avoid jail time.

Missing Work

You may be able to retain your job or maybe your employer will never find out about your DUI conviction, but there will still be times you must take off work to appear in court. In addition to this, there is a chance you may be required to appear in a substance abuse program, which will require you to take more time off work. All this time spent away from work may be the thing that causes your employer to dismiss you from your position

Difficulty With Future Job Applications

If you have been dismissed from your place of employment, you will need to begin looking for a new job. This is another plc where those convictions can thwart your best efforts. Most job applications will ask directly if the candidate has any prior convictions. Even if this question doesn’t come up in the interview it would take a very small background check to reveal this information and your new employer may not be happy if prior convictions are against company policy.

Difficulty Getting An Education

Much like many companies and employers will not hire employees who have a prior conviction or DUI on their record, there are many colleges and universities that have similar policies regarding their students and may not allow you to enroll. This kind of barrier can also be found by those looking for financial aid for educational purposes. Some educational institutions may accept you if you have enrolled in a treatment program first, but this is something decided by the school itself.

Your Commercial Driver’s License

Because DUI convictions are very serious you can expect this blemish to stay on your record for 55 years after the incident. This means if driving is an important part of your career, you may need to consider a new career.

The consequences of being arrested or convicted of DUI are plentiful and always negative. Many people lose their jobs because of DUI and the threat is real. This is something everyone should consider before they jump behind the wheel of a car after having a few drinks.

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