What Does A Houston DUI Lawyer Do? Pt 1

Arrested For Drinking And Driving In Houston

The Help You Can Get From DUI Attorney In Houston

Part 1

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, a DUI attorney can offer you the legal advice, support, and representation you need to win your case. A DUI attorney’s job is to build a strong defense for your case so that the final outcome of the case is as much in your favor as possible.

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Should I Hire A DUI Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, it’s important to hire an experienced DUI attorney to help guide you through the process of building a strong defense for your case so as to avoid numerous undesirable consequences like losing your license or going to jail. A DUI attorney will advise you throughout the course of your case. They will make sure that your defense is as strong and credible as it can be.

Insurance companies will sometimes try to contact you with the aim of getting you to admit liability. By hiring a lawyer, you will not have to deal with any insurance companies directly thereby reducing the chances of you incriminating yourself. An experienced lawyer may even advise that you do not take the stand in case your case goes to trial if they believe this is the best thing for your case. Taking the stand can expose you to vigorous interrogation by experienced prosecutors who can get you to say something that could incriminate you or cause you to accept liability thereby negatively impacting your case.

Another benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer is that they are familiar with how courts in Houston and across Texas work. They understand the criminal justice system and how it works, and this can be a great benefit to you when facing a DUI charge. Although your DUI lawyer may not interact with judges as much as a state-provided public defender, they offer a wealth of legal knowledge and experience in criminal defense making them the perfect person to be on your side.

DUI cases can be extremely sophisticated and have very strict statutes of limitations that must be adhered to as mandated by law. DUI attorneys are familiar with all the statutes that affect DUI cases like deadlines for the collection of relevant evidence that may be required to charge and convict you for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DUI attorneys have the technical expertise and skills required to negotiate with public prosecutors on their client’s behalf.

If you have been previously convicted of a DUI offense, a DUI attorney may not be able to get this conviction removed from your criminal record. However, they can help you lessen the charge which can be very advantageous to you because your previous conviction may seize affect your credit score or employment.

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