Comprehensive Guide For Hiring A Qualified Houston DUI Lawyer Pt 2

10 Helpful Tips For Hiring The Best DUI Lawyer In Houston

Part 2

4. Come Up With A List Of Potential DUI Lawyers

One can come up with a list of potential DUI lawyers by looking at online reviews and testimonials at the different website sources which is a great place to start.

You can also ask for references from people you know and trust and who you can share the details and circumstances of the case. In as much as all cases are distinct, word-of-mouth referrals are great to enable one gauge on legal fees of the lawyer, the win rate of the lawyer, and other important details of the attorney before hiring them for your case.

You can also pursue connections from your lawyer even if he/she does not handle DUI cases themselves; they can be very resourceful with their referrals or peer connections. Naturally, lawyers have connections to other lawyers in their field of law or beyond or colleagues or former classmates they took studies together in law school.

5. Exploit Avenues That Offer Free Consultation

DUI laws are very fluid and complex because every case of DUI is different on its own and the facts behind every case vary greatly from one case to another. The fluid nature of the law behind DUI is the sole reason why a DUI lawyer is important – a DUI who can scrutinize the case based on the strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Many DUI lawyers give free consultation services to their potential clients. Some might charge a small fee for the consultation service, nonetheless, if they charge a fee, it will prove a worthy investment for the preliminary legal guidance you will receive.

Phone calls may be the best place to start exploring free consultation services. In some instances, face to face meetings would be the best for more intensive cases and where an elaborate explanation is required. At the same time, remain open to meeting a representative member of staff from the office of your potential DUI lawyer with who you are seeking consultation with. This will be helpful to you when the target DUI lawyer is busy as it is with many good lawyers.

You must carry along all the required documents when you are getting yourself ready for the consultation. These documents include court documents that state the charge and court dates, the bail processing documents, and if possible, the report from the arresting police officer.

Other documents may include search inventory reports, names of people connected to the DUI case such victims or witnesses and other documents provided to you by the police.

6. Remain Honest All The Time

All the documents you have provided to your DUI lawyer will hardly be enough to explain your case entirely to the lawyer.

You must be prepared to answer all questions as honestly as possible. You must withhold nothing to enable the attorney to provide you with a comprehensive and precise evaluation of how the case is likely to proceed. A lawyer of DUI is key to putting up a sound defense because not only is the lawyer conversant with legal matters but also with legal terminologies which may vary from one state to another.

For instance, DUI is an acronym to mean driving under the influence. In some states, the same charge may be referred to as D.W.I which means driving while intoxicated. In some states, it might be O.W.I for Operating While Intoxicated or O.V.I for Operating Vehicle while Intoxicated.

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