Comprehensive Guide For Hiring A Qualified Houston DUI Lawyer Pt 3

10 Helpful Tips For Hiring The Best DUI Lawyer In Houston

Part 3

7. It is Very Informative To Ask Your Questions, Note The Answers Down For Remembrance

It will prove helpful to you to understand the lawyer, his professional background, and history of success in similar cases. Asking specific questions will help you learn the particulars of the lawyer and helps you gauge their responses to similar cases.

Examples of questions to ask may be:

  • How many DUI cases have you succeeded in defending?
  • If you were charged with DUI which lawyer would you pick for representation?
  • Do you have adequate human resources to represent me in both the DUI court case and the DMV cases?
  • What is the percentage size of your portfolio that is dedicated to DUI cases?
  • Do you have experts and private investigators you use in DUI cases?
  • How many DUI seminars/workshops have you attended in one year?
  • What you been a speaker in such a DUI seminars/workshops forum or have you trained other lawyers on successful DUI defense?
  • How often do your clients seek a plea deal before filing a pre-trial motion or trial?
  • Are you available to meet me face-to-face talk over the phone as the need maybe?

8. The Size Of The Law Firm Matters

The size of the law firm matters as much as you are seeking only a DUI lawyer for your case. Your case may evolve further requiring that you are represented in more than one case matter or hearing which might require more time and attention than that earlier on anticipated.

The law firm must be ready with more than one person who has good standing with law enforcers or prosecutors so that your case flows through its course and that there is no prejudice or inept representation that could hurt your case.

9. Narrow Down On Your List Considering Your Comfort & Confidence Level With The Attorney

It is possible to come up with a list of potential DUI lawyers who are qualified to represent you in court.

Additionally, your interviews and consultations should help you narrow down the top contenders
Beyond that, you will still need to further narrow down your options to arrive at the preferred attorney. This step to identify the best DUI lawyer is more subjective than objective and will depend on how confident and comfortable you feel with them.

The teamwork between you and your lawyer will be key in helping your case in court. In some instances, a click of personality may not always correspond to the confidence level you have with a given lawyer. You must select the attorney whose personality suits yours and who seems confident about winning the case.

10. Think About Your Ideal Selection One Last Time & Make The Decision

You can establish rapport with a potential DUI lawyer over the phone or otherwise. It could be your instincts have identified that a certain option for legal representation is promising and inspires confidence in winning the case.

However, it is not a good idea to decide to hire them immediately. It is a great idea to let the lawyer know that you will need time to think about it over some time before you decide to hire them.

A lawyer with professional conduct will respect and understand the need for you to think through the options. It is unprofessional for a potential lawyer to rush you into making a decision. In any case, you will need to trust only the lawyer who considers your needs well enough.

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