DUI Case In Houston: Why You Should Hire An Attorney?

Learn Good Reasons To Get A Houston DUI Lawyer

If you get arrested for a DWI/DUI, or another kind of offense related to drunk driving, then your smartest move is hiring a drunk driving attorney for their services. Representing yourself in court might be tempting, but a seasoned DUI lawyer can guide you towards a minimal sentence while avoiding the harsh penalties that might hurt your personal life and career in the future. Attorneys practicing DUI law know all the state laws, as well as effective defenses and local judges and prosecutors. They’ll be by your side all throughout the entire process.

At Butler Law Firm, we have a team of lawyers with decades of professional experience in handling drunk driving cases. We are licensed for practice in both Iowa and Nebraska, and we offer our clients robust legal representation in all cases. Keep reading to learn why you ought to hire a great drunk driving lawyer who can represent you in the court system.

Why Do You Need To Have A DUI Lawyer?

DWI or DUI situations are not something you should take lightly. If you’ve gotten arrested for a specific drunk driving offense, then there’s a high risk of facing jail time, paying large fines, or seeing your driver’s license get suspended. Also, you’ll possibly face serious consequences throughout your personal life, specifically in terms of interpersonal relationships and career prospects. If you want to avoid such consequences, then your best bet is to hire a DWI/DUI lawyer who can represent you in the court system

When you have a good advocate for yourself when in front of a judge, it can possibly mean having a reduced sentence or even having your charges totally dropped. In many cases where the available evidence implies there’s no chance of having your charges dropped, a veteran DUI lawyer might work something out with the prosecution or judge to offer extenuating or mitigating circumstances that enhance the overall case outcome.

Also, an effective DUI attorney can present your case directly to the state’s motor vehicle bureau regarding hearings about license suspension. In such cases, they’ll know the kinds of defenses that carry weight with the appropriate board. They can definitely make a more substantive and persuasive case than you might hope to.

What You Should Look For In Any Drunk Driving Lawyer

A veteran DWI lawyer can handle many different cases involving DWI arrests, DUI arrests, and other offenses related to drunk driving. When you are searching for a legal professional who can represent you before the court, it’s best to focus on specifics like the areas a lawyer has served, their experience level, and what skills they have.

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