What To Consider When Hiring A Houston DUI Attorney Pt 2

Things To Look For When Hiring DUI Lawyer In Houston

Part 2

(Continuation)Local attorneys will know these things. Hence the need to choose a local DUI lawyer, not just a defense lawyer. The laws around DUI can change regularly and you need to hire a lawyer who understands the changes.

2. Who Is Actually Going To Handle Your Case?

There are a lot of paralegals and assistants who work within a law firm to ease the workload of the lawyers. This means that you may have initially met with a DUI lawyer but they may not be the same professional who will care for your case.

Make sure that you use the initial consultation to find out who will be representing you. When your future is in the balance, you do not want to be passed around by the lawyers in the firm. If you do not receive a definitive answer it may be best to choose a different firm.

3. What Are Their Fees?

Ask about the fees and the way that you will be billed. It may feel awkward but you need to get this one out in the open from the start.

Make sure you have your own finances in order before the initial consultation. This means you will know what you are going to be able to afford.

It is not cheap to hire an attorney but most will offer a payment plan. There may be other options such as a junior partner to handle most of your case.

The figure that your lawyer estimates will not be a definite amount. Many factors all add up to the fee so they can only provide you with a ballpark. Talk to them about your budget and ask about whether the figure they provided includes matters such as evidence collection, file review, and investigation.

4. Find Out Their Track Record

Certainly, many lawyers have plenty of experience in DUI case preparation but they may never have actually been to court. In the event that you are facing a felony, make sure that you choose a lawyer who has experience in presenting similar cases in court.

Talk to them about their DUI defense record. You want to know the number of cases that they have won and how many resulted in a plea deal.

When you are running the risk of jail time you need a lawyer who is not scared by a courtroom setting.

5. Has The Lawyer Ever Been Disciplined By The Bar Association?

If the lawyer you are considering has been disciplined by the Bar Association, you need to know more. It may be a telltale sign of their ethics or professionalism.

You need a DUI lawyer who knows the rules like the back of their hand but not one who carelessly breaks them. You hardly want to walk into a courtroom already at a disadvantage thanks to a lawyer with a bad name. To find local attorneys with a good reputation, the American Bar Association can be consulted.

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