DWI Case In Houston – Atty. Jim Butler Pt 1

The Impact Of DWIs In Texas

Part 1

When a DWI conviction comes through, it is essential to note the effects this type of conviction can have on an individual. It is going to naturally vary based on the case details including the administrative penalties/sentences that are handed out in Houston. The variation is going to depend upon the number of times an individual has been caught, the causes, and/or other relevant details associated with the testing that was done. It is important to note, the consequences are severe for those who are convicted.

An individual that has been arrested for driving intoxicated does not mean they are guaranteed to be convicted in Houston. Many individuals can get past this hurdle and beat their Texas DWI. However, to do this the right way, it is essential to reach out to a trusted DWI attorney in Houston such as Atty. Jim Butler. This is a lawyer that is noted for setting high standards and will make sure the trial turns in your favor right away. To get started, it is time to reach out to the Butler Law Firm as soon as possible for more information about your DWI case.

Defining DWI In Texas

DUI Guide Arrest in HoustonIn the state of Texas, it is illegal to be under the influence while driving a motor vehicle. This does not mean intoxication from alcohol as there are other forms of intoxication that are just as illegal.

This can include:

  • The individual was unable to demonstrate the necessary physical and/or mental faculties due to the presence of alcohol in their system and/or other substances such as dangerous drugs, generic drugs, controlled substances, and/or a combination of multiple substances leading to intoxication.
  • The individual did not pass the blood alcohol test and their blood alcohol concentration level was beyond the limit of .08 percent.

This demonstrates how an individual can be charged even if they were not consuming alcohol and instead had taken drugs. If your test comes back and you are past the necessary limit, it is possible to end up getting convicted. In general, the prosecutor will aim to present the case in a manner where the BAC is above .08 and demonstrates that the substance led to the individual being intoxicated while driving.

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