Terrifying Reasons Why You Should Never Drink & Drive In Houston Part I

5 Frightening Effects Of Drunk Driving In Houston

Part 1

Drunk driving effects can be as mild as being fined and having your record marked or as cruel and harsh as being killed or killing someone. Further, we will tell you how when you are behind the wheel, alcohol can affect you and in addition to which are the legal problems, you will have if you are caught.

If you are never inclined to drive after you have had a few drinks, you might well be saying “What is this drunk driving and what are its effects?”

I. Alcohol Can Affect Driving

A driver who has consumed alcohol will find his or her reaction time reduced, vision impaired, a lowered ability to think clearly, and a lowering of concentration.

Driving is always a dangerous activity, and all these functions need to be always in top shape when you are behind the wheel.

II. Reduced Reaction Time

For safe driving, it is essential that you need to react in split seconds. You may be able to make a number of trips without having to rely on your reaction time, but when it is finally time to react, you will have to be sharp.

Reaction time is an element that driving instructors keep stressing about when they are teaching their pupils to drive. As an example, you are required to stay a car length behind the car that is in front of you, as this will give you enough time to react safely.

This distance shows that there is a lag in reaction, even when you are sober. When you have downed a few, your reaction can be even slower.

III. Poor Decision Making

One of the effects of drunk driving is that it becomes the reason why you choose to drive and get behind the wheel.

People consume alcohol because it has the effect of lowering their inhibitions. A few drinks can make people happier and more outgoing. Even if you are normally shy and reserved, occasionally drinking on a night out can do you some good.

This effect is the reason why having drinks can lead to your making bad decisions. Before your night out, you may have decided that you will not drive after drinking a few beers, but once you have drunk them, you then feel that you are okay with getting on the road.

And then once you start driving, you could make bad decisions leading to your driving at great speed or going through dangerous maneuvers.

IV. Lowered Concentration

When you drink and drive, your ability to concentrate can be affected. Remember the days when you first started to learn to drive, and you will recall, that driving was never second-nature.

Now you may find driving easy, but you must not be fooled by the practice you have had doing this. Concentration is a must while you are driving.

There is a tendency among most of us to downplay the dangers of driving. When driving, you are always just a split second away from death, injury, or in the best-case scenario, a catastrophic hassle.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need to find a lawyer. Call or contact us today. Click here for the second issue of this article.