Terrifying Reasons Why You Should Never Drink & Drive In Houston Part II

5 Frightening Effects Of Drunk Driving In Houston

Part 2

Your ability to concentrate is lowered after drinking. You will try your hardest to concentrate on the road, but the alcohol that has entered your system will reduce your ability to pay the needed attention.

It is this lack of concentration that is a leading factor that leads to accidents. There are many common vehicle distractions, besides the phone and the radio, and when you are drunk, you are more likely to get distracted.

Combine this lack of concentration with the reduction in reaction time, and there is an accident just waiting to happen.

V. Impaired Vision

Drinking can lead to an impairment of sight, and this is one of the most dangerous ways it affects the way you drive after drinking.

When you have had more than your share of drinks, you start becoming uncoordinated and will find your world swaying. For a whole host of reasons, getting to this point is dangerous, and if you then decide to drive, you are only asking for trouble.

When you are not able to see straight, getting behind the wheel of a car is the last thing you should be doing. You then become a danger not only to yourself but to other drivers as well.

Legal Implications

Legal implications are not the only things, and there are far greater implications when you combine alcohol and driving. It is roughly estimated that every day, 300,000 drivers are on the road, and it is only 3,200 of them who get caught by the police.

All the same, drunk drivers are greatly deterred by the legal repercussions of their actions.

In most states, a first offense DUI is considered a misdemeanor. Many states even give you a second chance before they consider it a felony.

Even so, do not sneer at first and second offense DUI. They can cost you thousands when you have to pay court fees and fines.

Think Before You Drive

As we have listed above, drinking severely impacts your abilities to make good decisions. That is the reason you must have fail-safes in place to avoid any disastrous consequences.

The best way to prevent you from drinking and driving is to see that power is not in your hands. You must be led by your sober self so that when you are drunk you will not make a mistake.

If you are worried that you may drive after drinking, get your friend to give you a ride to the party or bar. Leave the car at home, so that there is no worry that you will get behind the wheel.

One of the best solutions is for a group of friends to alternate as designated drivers. And if anyone breaks the rule, you need to be ready to call a taxi.

Drunk Driving & Its Terrifying Effects

Alcohol affects you in many ways, and none of them positively, when you consider your ability to drive. Drunk driving can affect you in many terrifying and devastating ways. Take the right precautions so that you do not become a statistic.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need to find a lawyer. Call or contact us today. Missed the first issue of this article? Click here!