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We, the Butler Law Firm take full responsibility of defending your right against DWI charges.

We exclusively deal with cases related to Driving While Intoxicated, therefore, it is your own best interest not to miss coming to us to be offered best preventive measures against DWI charges.

Do not worry about what will going to happen to you in the next minute, an hour or coming days. Nothing will be going to happen if you have the feeling of the very worst happening to you. We exist because of you, be aware of that, and come visit our experienced lawyers who have been dealing with DWI cases for the last 24 years. We will eliminate all the negatives thinking going through your mind and you will go happy and excited. Feel free to visit Butler Law Firm’s office.

Been charged with DWI offence has a huge impact on anyone found guilty of the offence. The impact can be physically or mentally. anybody charged under such offence and found guilty will serve in jail terms provided under the law. However, been charged in not the final, but there is a solution to your problem, which our lawyers are always there to assist you to be free. We are not encouraging anyone to violet the law, but we only give help to those found themselves violating the law. Butler Law Firm has been complying with all convention and rules provided under the law and will operate the same.

We are professional in this field, and having experienced lawyers with a good reputation, your case will be concluded peacefully without your family suffering the effect of a DWI offence.

To connect with us and get free, simple and straight forward consultation, you only need to give us a call through (713)236-8744. But if you are interested to visit our office, you are most welcome and feel free for face to face friendly conversation. Houston Attorney is at your service to settle your case.

Under the offence of DWI, you may encounter some of the following challenges;

  • Suspension and revocation of your driving license.
  • Family fall out.
  • Termination of your employment before the expiry of your contract terms.
  • Stress and depression.

All this consequence and many other results from been involved or found in DWI or DUI offence. The law is procedural and technical, but it is not against its citizen, therefore friendly to be dealt with. Butler Law Firm, been working for more than 24 years with experience lawyers, can handle all your grievances concerning DWI offence. We exclusively devote our activity to DWI cases.

In the process of handling DWI offence, we protect the right of our client and respect the law. We guarantee a high probability of successful outcomes. To know more about Butler Law Firm, you can visit our website.

Bottom Line & Conclusion

Being the owner of this Houston based criminal law office, Mr Butler is responsible for doing all necessary requirement under the law. All the client will be satisfied and have all their issues resolved completely.

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