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Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney. He has devoted most of his career life defending and assisting clients to avoid a conviction on DWI charges saving them from automatic loss of employment that normally follows a conviction. As much as Jim Butler does not approve of drunk driving, he nevertheless understands that many innocent victims suffer jail terms without access to specialized legal assistance. That is why the Butler Law Firm Houston at which Jim is the lead attorney only handles driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases.

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Any citizen cited for a DWI offense should take the matter seriously, as the consequences for this charge have an adverse impact on one’s life. It is important to contact a specialized attorney in such matters immediately before 40 days elapse for legal advice. Call Jim Butler at the Butler Law Firm right away and set up an appointment to discuss possible legal redress. If immediate legal action is not taken on your behalf, the charge can lead to devastating and life-changing consequences. Suspension or revocation of a license for a professional driver amounts to the loss of employment and income. Depending on the reasons for the booking, there is a real possibility of conviction and jail term. These are not matters one takes lightly because that one charge can destroy your life and family, so act now and call Jim Butler for help.

Jim Butler, the Most Experienced DWI Lawyer Can Save You

At the Butler Law Firm, we strictly deal with DWI or as sometimes called the DUI cases, which gives us a professional edge in successful acquittals. You get faster and better attention when you present your case to us, and therefore faster resolution of your case since for the last 24 years these are the only cases we handle. So the first thing you do when you get booked for driving under the influence is to call or email Jim Butler at the Butler Law Firm to start putting your defense in place and in time.

Most times many drivers are convicted because they did not act in time or were ignorant of the legal implications of DWI offenses. Once a police officer files the charges against you and you fail to make a court appearance or submit a defense, those charges automatically stand and you are convicted without mitigation at the court’s discretion. Why ruin your life this way when you can get help from the Butler Law Firm?

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