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Jim Butler the Most Experienced DWI Lawyer in Beach City, Texas

Is Your Driver’s License in Danger of Suspension or Revocation on DUI Charge?

Jim Butler, the owner of the Butler Law Firm is a licensed attorney who has practiced law for over 24 years successfully defending clients charged with DWI offenses. Mr. Butler is also a certified Field Sobriety Test Instructor with excellent knowledge of the tools and methods applied in the evaluation of DWI suspects. It is with this background knowledge that he realized how many drivers are wrongly arrested based on such evaluations without considering other circumstances surrounding the case. To help such unfortunate drivers, Jim Butler chose to specialize in DWI litigation and set his firm the Butler Law Firm specifically to handle these cases.

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At Butler Law Firm, the initial consultation is free, so call Jim right away to get professional legal help. It will save you time, money, and the agony and desperation you will undergo if you ignore the booking at the time of incidence and find your license revoked, paying a hefty fine, or even worse hauled into a penitentiary. The early legal intervention will save you the trouble and in fact save your whole life because these cases can destroy one’s life and family.

Any of the punitive measures taken upon conviction will definitely have a negative impact on your life and that of loved ones close to you. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest for DWI, a conviction can be avoided provided you act fast and seek legal help from Butler Law Firm, the only law firm defending such cases in Beach City.

Let Jim Butler Come to Your Rescue at Your Hour of Need!

revoked driver’s license can subject you to the inconveniences of public transport or reliance on family members to drive you around. You cannot run your errands as and when you want to and sometimes could fail altogether to get someone to move you around. You suddenly realize your life just got grounded in your garage with your driverless car, and yet you could have done something about it had you called Jim Butler in good time!

You have less than two weeks after the booking to file your defense if you are to stand a chance at acquittal. So do not brush it off as a minor matter, get help from Butler Law Firm, for sooner rather than later it will cost you heavily. Do not be embarrassed and do not worry about litigation costs because a conviction will be far more expensive and humiliating.  Do not wait, call Jim Butler today!

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