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Butler Law Firm is fully specialized to defend DWI offenders. There are many cases of people driving while drunk. If you are charged for driving while drunk, you may be desperate since you do not know the next step to take. Also, the process of the DWI case is nerve cracking since you are required to visit the court for a hearing. But, with the help of Jim Butler, he will be able to simplify the process for you. He is a specialized DWI lawyer based in Houston who mainly deals in this filed. He has been offering these services for 24 years. He has been able to gain enough knowledge which will help ease your DWI offense case.

You can contact him or send an email and he will respond immediately to help you. If you share your details with Jim Butler at the right time, he can be able to protect your driver’s license from being revoked. You might not be aware that you are issued with a grace period of forty days to clear yourself after DWI charges. If you sit back and relax, your license will be revoked since you do not know you can clear yourself. Mr. Jim will brief you on this which will save you lose that would be incurred in the future. 

Mr. Jim will also act accordingly to help you secure your job. If you continuously ignore your case, you might end up losing your job. For instance, you might be a driver and your driver`s license revoked, you will end up losing your job. You might also lose your job if you are taken to court and you are imprisoned for some years. Jim Butler can help in defending your case since he has enough knowledge and he is dedicated to offering the needed help. 

You family may not be aware of your current situation but for Jim Butler, he is fully aware of what you are going through. For him, he will be able to offer advice and required help of which your family might not understand you. Your family might keep blaming you for the mess but Mr. Jim will offer the needed help. DWI has serious effects if the case is not channeled towards the right process. The process is very tiresome and discouraging and since it starts by DWI offender being arrested. Thereafter, you may be required to pay a penalty for the release but you have to carry out the course involved for the DWI case. The most frustrating part is that even after being charged with a DWI offense, you are not aware of the end result of your case. Great skills portrayed by Jim Butler will help you sail through the legal process successfully and ensuring that all your human right is protected. 

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