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Protecting you from DWI Charges is our mission.

Jim Butler is the leading owner of the Butler Law Firm that has been doing its thing for twenty-four years. It is normal for a person charged with drink driving to feel afraid and terrible of the consequences charged. His firm is fully dedicated to DUI cases meaning they are experts in their field. The clients could lose their jobs and even lead to breakdowns caused by the stress experienced. You should however not misinterpret our stand on driving while drunk. We are just against the arrests that are honestly really unnecessary. 

The contact for the Butler Law Firm is (713) 236-8744.

Ignorance should be condoned when dealing with such charges. Everyone must know all the consequences when knowing how to navigate situations. Seek an attorney in Houston that focuses on DWI defense in order to get the best outcome. The following are some outcomes caused by driving under the influence:

  • Revocation of Driving License. One is at risk of losing their right to drive because of the recklessness involved. The person can also be suspended for a given period of time because of the behavior.
  • The family falls out. The trouble caused by strains of the issues can bring about misunderstandings and arguments among family members.
  • Job loss. The probability of one losing their jobs is very high especially after getting entwined in law cases. The embarrassment caused to the company can cause the client to lose a source of income.
  • Conviction. The worst consequence is when one has to do time leaving them away from their families and causing financial problems especially if they are the breadwinners.

Being charged is the first thing in a long process and one needs a good lawyer. The twenty-four years of service by Mr. Butler ensures he is an expert in his field. Law has many consequences such as fines, convictions, and revocation of licenses. These are not however automatic giving the person enough time to maneuver the situation in the best way possible.

The rights of those represented by Butler are always protected and their needs placed on the forefront. The outcome is always successful and gives clients a way to go on well with their activities. Simply contact us today to get a free consultation and begin the journey with us.

DWI is not a problem only for the individual but also for the family in general. The expense caused by transport such as the ones for work, errands, shopping, and other activities causes financial strains. The suspension is effected forty days after being charged meaning you have time to plan on what to do.

Mr. Butler is the owner of the Houston based criminal law office and will be ready to solve the issues well. Just contact us today to get the consultation at no extra cost.

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