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Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a very serious charge and you should immediately get in touch with an experienced lawyer if you find yourself in this position. Inactivity and ignorance can prove to be very damaging as if you do not do anything for 40 days after the charge was levied on you, your license will automatically be suspended. 

Getting your license suspended is a huge issue as it alters your lifestyle completely! You will have to depend on others and public transport for all your work needs and even small things like your chores. This does not only cause inconvenience but increases your monthly spending because of the tickets and fares. Your family and children get affected by this a lot too. 

If you are stressed an confused about what to do after being charged with a DWI offense, contact Jim Butler, owner of the Butler Law Firm! Jim has been a licensed attorney for 24 years and specifically deals only with clients facing DWI charges. 

Every year in all the states, DWI laws keep getting stricter and it is tough to get out of jail time or save your license in such cases. It is very important to find an attorney who is well experienced with dealing such cases and is aware of the way to take for the best possible outcome. Jim works only with DWI cases so is very well equipped to handle them proficiently. 

This does not mean that Jim encourages drunk driving. The only reason why Jim chose this area to specialize is because of the multiple “needless arrests” that take place under the name of this charge. He aims to help such innocent people and make sure that no injustice is carried out.

Give Jim Butler a call today on (713) 236-8744, and receive a free consultation! You can discuss your specific situation and the options available to you on this call. You can also choose to contact us through email. 

If convicted, a DWI can also lead to your arrest. An arrest is a very traumatic event and not only affects you but also your family and loved ones. It is a very traumatic experience that can take years to deal with. It might also result in you losing your job, your family losing their support and being uprooted, and you wasting precious time of your life. 

The process of dealing with a DWI charge or arrest is very technical and cannot be successfully completed without legal help. Contact the Butler Law Firm as they possess the correct resources and knowledge needed to ensure a positive outcome for you!

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