Top Level DUI Offense Attorneys & DWI Defense Lawyers In Dyersdale, TX

Being stressed is just human. Everyone faces it at some point in life. However, it becomes much unbearable when you are stressed and have no idea what will happen to you next especially if you have been charged with a DWI crime. Such offenses have become rampant in most parts of Houston and just in case you are a victim, then it’s time you allow us to relieve your stress.

Jim Butler has been in the law firm service for the last 24 years and is also licensed to help clients with DWI crimes. He will help you get back to your job and family rather than spending your treasured time behind bars. When such cases are not handled quickly and in a professional way, chances are your family will also suffer financially as they will be forced to spend much in a bid to get you out of trouble. The good thing about Jim Butler’s law firm is that he has specialized it duly for the DWI related cases and this means he has acquired much experience when it comes to dealing with the technicalities that come with such crimes.

Jim Butler confirmed that a good number of drivers in Houston are charged with DWI cases because of ignorance. According to him, driving under the influence of alcohol is legally right for as long as one remains stable while on road. Unfortunately, when the sobriety tests are conducted, the results usually do not come out accurately. Many people end up failing the test just because they were unwell, fatigue, or had a nervous breakdown.

This, however, does not necessarily mean they are intoxicated as charged. With such crimes, a number of things could be affected such as your family, work and general reputation. Instead of waiting for the 40 days suspension, it’s wise and savvy to call Mr. Jim Butler who is well known for vast experience and will guarantee you a successful outcome. He will ensure that all procedures are followed strictly and your legal rights are protected. With the collaboration of the District attorney, Mr. Butler, the owner of this law firm, will ensure that all options are considered and any evidence is collected for the best outcome of 

It is therefore important for everyone who has been charged or yet to be charged with Driving while intoxicated charges to be fully aware of the impact of such an offense. In simpler terms, the DWI victims usually can end up losing their driving licenses, in some cases, it can result in family conflict or even loss of one’s job. If you are facing such crimes, then it’s the best time to get in touch with Jim Butler, one of the best DWI attorneys in Houston that has gathered enough experience for 24 years. Call or send an email for quick service delivery.

Once you have been arrested for DWI crime, it could be the start of a long, stressful and painful process just in case you will lose. The law is usually complex in nature and depending on the nature of the case, it is not easy to determine whether the outcome will be negative or positive. However, for you to get a positive outcome for the charges, then it’s much wiser to invest in an experienced lawyer as he fully understands the systems and approaches that need to be followed in accordance with the law and protect your rights at the same time.

The Butler law firm has all it takes to manage the DWI cases with the seriousness and competence it deserves. Just in case you need a positive outcome, then do not hesitate to call the mastermind behind the firm…. Mr. Jim Butler. He will ensure your rights are protected and will be ready to discuss with you all the matters pertaining to your case at no cost.

What’s more? Mr. Butler has all the needed experience and therefore you will have nothing to lose. A blood alcohol level of 0.8 is always deemed as punishable and victims in this state are viable for DWI offense. However, this is not usually the case some police officer can as well link some habits to the same charges such as:

  1. Redirecting a vehicle on the right path
  2. Driving in 2 lanes
  3. When you are about to hit someone
  4. When you hit the brakes mistakenly
  5. Failing to come to a complete stop
  6. Driving timidly
  7. Taking a turn in an uneven manner.
  8. When the vehicle sways side to side

Once charged with DWI offense, it’s possible to lose your driving license to a maximum of 2 years. For those who work on a commercial basis, the license can be revoked for a year. In such a case, the officer in charge usually gives you an alternative temporary permit with an additional suspension sheet. Once this has occurred, make a step of facilitating for a hearing within the first fifteen days before it turns into a suspension of 40 days. This is just an example of how it usually turns out. Ideally, without the help of a qualified and experienced attorney, then you might lack the know-how on handling the case.

Mr. Butler is fully aware of the complexities that come with DWI cases and had defended many of his clients before. His firm will, therefore, extend their competent services and enlighten you on every single process at hand. They are advisers too and will relieve you from any doubts you might be undergoing. Above all, this law firm ensures that your rights are fully protected.

Much as Butler Law Firm does not support driving while drunk, he also affirms that many people are charged with DWI crimes while they are innocent. It is for the same reason that he chose to become a DUI lawyer. Just in case you need to call him then dial (713) 236-8744 and your problem will be halfway solved since his consultation services are free of charge!

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