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At times it can be so devastating when you really don’t know how to handle stress. If you did not get a DWI and have no idea on exactly what is going to happen to you, then relax a bit we can help you. Jim Butler is one among the many experienced attorneys of our time. He has been in service for the last 24 years and he simply assist most of his clients to get out of jail. Theatre are many times when a good number of people find themselves on the long arm of the law for wrong reasons.

However, in some unfortunate cases, it could just be a false accusation, a perception from the officer or simply just bad luck! Sadly, the arrested victim might end up losing his job once the driving license has been revoked. Something that would end up straining the family financially. Many cases that Jim Butler deals with usually consist of DWI. One of the main reasons, while he specialized to these cases, is because he doesn’t support the idea of drunk driving.

In fact, he believes that many people who have been arrested for such reasons are ‘innocent’. It is for this reason that he became a DUI attorney. To get in touch with Jim Burtley, simply dial (713)236-8744 and you wouldn’t need to pay for any consultation charges! It’s unfortunate that many people in Texas are still ignorant and do not know they can still drink and drive for as long as their physical and mental state are in good order. Among the many sobriety tests conducted, much keenness is not taken. For as long as you seem nervous, have fatigue or are feeling unwell, then you are ‘deemed’ to fail the test.

Once you have been convicted with the DWI charges, you should be fully informed of the consequences that come with it. First of all, the convicted should consult a Houston attorney who only deals with the DWI offenses and once there is any proof of guilt, it then leads to serious consequences.

Winning DUI Defense Attorneys in Pasadena, Texas

Among the well-known penalties include withdrawal of the driving license, loosing of a job or simply family conflicts. Just in case you have been a victim of such charges, then it’s time to get the best services from Jim Butler firm that boasts of 24 years’ experience. You can get in touch by simply calling or dropping a mail to us today.

As a matter of fact, the law comprises of technical approaches especially when one has been arrested and charged with a DWI offense. It is a long process and the final outcome depends on a whole range of factors. The chances are always varied, if you want to do away with some of the severe penalties like payment of fines or loss of your driving license, then the best you can do is invest in an experienced lawyer that can help you a fair and better outcome.

The Jim Butler law firm is just the best option when it comes to handling DWI complex crimes. Apart from guaranteeing you a better outcome, your legal rights will be protected. The best you can do is contact Mr. Jim Butler, who will be ready to discuss and decide on the way forward concerning your case.

Much as many people have believed that one needs to have 0.8 level of alcohol in order to be charged with the DWI crime, this is not usually the case. The police officer can pick on petty incidents and charge you with the same crime. For instance:

  1. Directing the vehicle to take the right course
  2. Getting at the point of hitting someone or anything
  3. Driving in two lanes instead of the normal one.
  4. Creating a right turn on the red light
  5. When you mistakenly hit the brakes
  6. Driving much slower than the required speed
  7. Talking a turn in an uneven manner.
  8. When the vehicle is drifting from side to side. 
Certified DUI Lawyers

Once you have been charged with the DWI offense, you can go up to 90 days without your driving license. If it is a company vehicle, your commercial driving license can be detained for a year. In this case, the officer will usually offer you a temporary permit together with a suspension note. Just in case this happens to you, then you need to take action in a fortnight failure to which it will result in arrest. This is just in a nutshell, on some of the procedures that need to be followed. It is not easy for you to win such cases especially if you do not have a qualified and competent attorney.

Mr. Butler is an experienced attorney in Houston who is well versed with all the technicalities that come with such cases. His law firm has won much approval after defending many people. The firm takes you through the whole process systematically and updates you on any issue at hand. The firm will stand with your most worrying needs during the long and annoying period. The firm also ensures your rights are protected in a way that your health, family, and job are not affected negatively. If nothing is done after 40 days since the charges were made, then your driving license will be revoked.

It is now 24 years since Jim Butler firm has been in operation. Based in Houston, this law firm has the best solutions when it comes to DWI offenses. The firm ensures everything concerning the case is done in a strict way which is in accordance with the law. Enough evidence is retrieved to support the case. With the help of the District attorney, your case will be fully reviewed and the best choices are considered depending on the nature of the case.

For more information on Butler Law Firm services, today who is also the owner of this law firm based in Houston. Contact a Houston DUI attorney at the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance.

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