Top Level DWI Defense Lawyers & DUI Attorneys In Bellaire, TX

I have just received a DWI, what should I do?

This is a common question, but Mr. Butler is there to ensure you do not get stressed or confused and wondering what to do. He can help you get over that stress. Jim Butler is a highly experienced attorney with more than 24 years of experience. He has helped many of his clients who would otherwise have lost their job, the source of their income. It is obvious that the loss of employment will have a direct effect on you and your family. What makes Jim a special attorney is that his focus is 100% focused on DWI matters. He does not devote his time to handling any other matter. The lawyer does not support drunk driving. However, he believes that some innocent persons get arrested for no reason, and it is the passion of assisting these innocent people that drove him to choose to become a DUI attorney.

How do you contact Mr. Butler?

It is very simple, simply call (713) 236-8744 and consult him for free. Many people are not aware that it is lawful for adults in TX to drink and drive and it remains lawful so long as you can control the vehicle. The law will only catch up with you if the alcohol impairs your mental and physical abilities. When you get arrested, you are normally taken through a field sobriety test. Mr. Butler has a problem with these tests. According to him, the field sobriety tests can sometimes give incorrect results and a good example is when you are tired. The result can give an incorrect picture when it is administered when you are nervous or have some medical condition which interferes with normal body balance.

The Top DWI Attorneys & DUI Lawyers

Immediately you get DWI offense you should act fast since the charge is serious. How do you do this? Well, you need to seek an experienced attorney who has specialized on filing DWI defense. In the event that you are found guilty, note that conviction can have severe consequences, such as –

  1. Your driving license may be revoked or suspended.
  2. There could be a serious family fall out.
  3. Your employment may be terminated.
  4. You may be incarcerated.

All persons facing DWI should know that Jim Butler of Butler Law Firm can help. His experience of 24 years makes him the best bet if you need a positive outcome of your case. He can be reached via email or call today and any other day. Keep in mind that after arresting for DWI crime that is just but the start of the long process. The arraignment in court on the charge will not determine the final decision.

The law is not simple and there are many potential results, such as incarceration, loss of your driving license, fines and conviction. None of these outcomes is automatic. You will only have high chances of a positive outcome if you are represented and advised by an experienced attorney who can help navigate the complex legal process in a way that does not infringe on your rights.

Butler Law Firm is very highly experienced and will ensure that all persons charged of DUI or DWI offense have a reasonable chance of securing successful outcome and that the process of the law does not infringe on their rights. Whenever you get arrested and issued with DWI, DUI or related offenses, you should contact Mr. Butler so you can get immediate help and advice. Consultation is free and so you can discuss in depth the necessary detail about your case. Time is of the essence in matters of law and so you need to contact Mr. Butler immediately after arrest, or soon thereafter.

The members of the public have various issues they want to know about DUI and DWI. First, must you have at least .8 level of alcohol in the blood so you can be charged with DWI?

This is a common question, and the direct answer to it is that there is no such requirement. In fact, if a police officer simply demonstrates that the driver suffered impairment of his or her driving ability, based on their observation, by that fact alone they can arrest and charge you. Here are some few examples –

  1. Unnecessary swerving of the vehicle as you try to correct its course.
  2. Driving in a manner that lets the vehicle occupy two lanes instead of one.
  3. Driving such that you almost hit a person or something else.
  4. Erratic hitting of the brakes.
  5. Turning right at the red traffic light or at a stop sign when the car has not been brought to complete stop. This is referred to as ‘rolling stop’.
  6. Driving at unusually slowly or being extremely cautious.
  7. Taking very wide or very narrow turns.
  8. The driving vehicle such that it drifts side to side of the road.

All your driving privileges could be lost for a period ranging between 3 months and 2 years upon conviction with DWI. Failure or refusal by holders of the commercial driving license to take breath test may lead to their commercial driving status getting revoked for a period of one year. The law allows the arresting officer in such situations to take the driver’s license and issue some special temporary permit. This temporary permit in most cases will come with a suspension notice.

Mr. Butler advises all his clients that whenever this happens, they need to request that their matter is heard and concluded within 15 days, the reason being that their license will be automatically suspended within 40 days from the date of the arrest.

The foregoing may seem much, but it is just a simple illustration of what happens in DWI matters. It is crystal clear that without the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you will not take advantage of the law to secure your freedom. Get in touch with Mr. Butler of Butler Law Office today and he will imply all the complexities of the law and the DWI criminal charge. The law firm of Mr. Butler has assisted very many people charged with DWI and related crimes. Step by Step, she takes you from the start to the end of the legal process.

In addition to the foregoing, his office counsels clients so they can understand basic legal processes, which to most people, are usually upsetting and lengthy. In addition to the foregoing, the firm takes all steps for the full protection of rights. There will be direct effects on your life in person and to your family and work life.

Additional costs will also come in, and they may be in the form of public transport when heading to work, to shopping, running errands and in various other activities. License suspension starts 40 days from the day you were charged with DWI if steps are not taken to help you get over the charge. The wide legal experience spanning over 24 years is all you need to increase the chances of the positive outcome for your case.

Butler Law is there to ensure compliance with procedures. It will go a step further and ensure evidence collected by arresting and prosecuting authorities complies with the law. The firm is based in Houston, TX and it carefully reviews the case of each of its clients. It also works closely with the Huston Attorney’s office and explores the many possible options.

Contact Butler Office at (713) 236-8744 today. Mr. Butler is the managing partner of Butler Law Firm which is based in Houston. He has been in practice for 24 years and is ready to do everything possible to ensure the best resolution of the case. Consultation is free, so you can contact them immediately.

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