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Butler Law Firm is a criminal law office located in Houston Texas whose main objective is to help its clients in getting out of driving while intoxicated trouble once they have been charged with the same. The law firm is owned by a driving while an intoxicated attorney who has practiced and defending thousands of clients if not millions during his practice.

Therefore, with this kind of experienced leader in the law firm, you are assured of the best legal minds and services once you consult them when allegedly accused of drunk driving. Do not sit and wait to be charged in a court of law where you face severe punishments, which may ruin your career. You need to find the best law firm in town so as it can help you get out of the ordeal that you have found yourself in.

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You have been caught and accused of by the traffic police on drunk driving you will be served with the notice of suspension while they take away your license. Once this happens you will need to defend yourself from those accusations within 15 days, this means you filing your response to the charges. You will, therefore, need a legal mind in covering all these issues because doing all this by your own especially when you know so little on driving while intoxicated charges will prove an uphill task. In case you do not respond to the charges within those 15 days, the revocation of your license will start after 40 days as it is assumed that you have agreed with the accusations. The revocation period of your driving license depends with the severity of the case you are accused on.

In case you were just intoxicated but you were driving quite well it can be revoked for at least 90 days, which are three months. Whereas in the event that while you were driving while intoxicated and at the same time endangering other motorists lives on the road it can be revoked for up to 2 years which is quite a long time. The Butler Law Firm, therefore, holds your hands and walks you through the murky waters of the driving while intoxicated charges thus enabling your acquittal from the charges. Therefore, in case you want to contact them for any inquiries you just need to visit their business premises which are located in Houston Texas or just call their customer care number which is 713 236 8744.

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There are very many punishments that you can face while charged and convicted of driving while intoxicated but the severity of them depends on the level of your drunk driving. In case you were driving quite well even if you were intoxicated the punishment can be lenient for you although it also depends on the defense that you table in court. However, in case you were endangering other people’s lives while driving when intoxicated you risk serving a jail term.

This incarceration depends on your actions because you can be intoxicated and knock down a person and he dies which is a very serious offense. What the Butler Law Firm therefore does is to represents you in court, table your defense and talk on your behalf explaining why you should not be punished. Therefore their attorneys work around the clock to either reduce your incarceration period and where possible for your acquittal from the charges. Their experience, therefore, plays a great deal in reaching these aims.

License Revocation

Another common problem that you may run into when convicted of driving while intoxicated is the revocation of your driving license. The period in which your license can be revoked is 90 days up to 2 years depending on the severity of the charge. Losing your driving license, therefore, can pose quite a great problem in that you will not be able to drive until the revocation period is over. This hinders your movement because whenever you want to run errands means asking someone else to drive you to your destination, which is quite sad.

Therefore, the Butler Law Firm comes in handy whenever you are charged with drunk driving, in ensuring that you get a fair hearing so that your driving license is not revoked or if it is not possible, your revocation period can be reduced.

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Your driving record is very essential especially in the United States of America, this is because it determines a lot of things like your career in case you are a driver. In addition, some insurance companies use your driving record in determining the amount of rate you pay for your car, if it is low you will have to pay more as you are a risk.

Furthermore, some leasing companies determine if you are eligible for taking a car loan by looking at your driving record. Therefore, it is your duty to clear your name from the driving while intoxicated record as it can ruin your driving reputation. Therefore, the Butler Law Firm works around the clock in ensuring that your good driving record is maintained by making sure that you are acquitted from the driving while intoxicated charges.

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Another punishment that you can suffer once you are convicted of driving while intoxicated is being asked to pay fines. These fines can run up to thousands of dollars, which can be quite high especially in case you had not budgeted for them. In addition to the fines, in case your driving license is revoked you will have to find new modes of transport. Some of the options that you have is by hiring a personal driver for you, which means paying him or her a salary.

This amount of money that you suffer from after being convicted of driving while intoxicated charges can run into large sums of money, which means more losses. Therefore, the Butler Law Firms ensure that you are cleared of the charges so that you cannot pay these fines, which saves you a lot of money that you would have spent.  For more information on Butler Law Firm services or contact a Houston DUI attorney at the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance

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