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Whenever you are charged with driving while intoxicated charge, it is not the end of the world. The secret to your acquittal lies in the attorney that you hire to represent you. Here at The Butler Law Firm, we are the leading law firm in the country that strictly deals with driving while intoxicated charges. We are therefore the perfect fit for you if you are to have any chance of being acquitted of the charges.

Once you contact us to be your attorney, we will listen to what led to the charge, weigh the charges that you are accused of, and use our expertise to prepare an airtight defense for a successful outcome. Therefore, join our bandwagon by contacting us via (713) 236-8744 to get a free consultation, and we will responsively attend to your case in earnest. 

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It is important to appreciate that driving while intoxicated is a serious charge in the country. this is because if found guilty, your driver’s license can be revoked or suspended, you may be incarcerated for a few months or years, or be asked to pay fines. However, you should never let it reach these extremes when you can give us a call.

Once we are your DWI attorney, we will prepare a good defense which we will represent in court. In addition, we will ensure that your case follows all the legal process for a fair hearing, and ensure that your rights are respected in the process. 

DWI Experts

If you are to have any chance of acquittal from your driving while intoxicated charge, you need to hire an expert attorney. We here at The Butler Law Firm specialize in driving while intoxicated charges, and therefore we comprehend all the laws that govern the sector in our fingertips. We are therefore the best shot that you can make, for a successful outcome of your case. In addition, we have over 24 years of experience in the sector, which underlines the level of expertise that we have with DWI charges. 

Why You Need To Choose Us

As stated earlier, here at The Butler Law Firm, we specialize in driving while intoxicated charges. There is no driving while intoxicated problems that we cannot provide solutions to. In addition, we have within our team highly qualified and expert DWI attorney lead by the lead attorney Jim Butler, who ensures that we put smiles on the faces of our clients after the judgment day.

On the same wavelength, we have recorded an impressive record of acquittal in the DWI charges that we have been involved in. You increase your chances of survival when you choose The Butler Law Firm to be your attorney. 

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you are confronted with DWI charges. 

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